fiwareWhat is FIWARE

FIWARE is an open software platform for the creation of cloud-based applications and services. It provides both powerful and easy-to-use modules that allow developers to quickly and cost-effectively build their applications.

We know FIWARE

Martel’s team has a long history with FIWARE, and has been intimately involved with its creation since its birth in 2011. The head of Martel Lab, Dr. Federico Facca, is one of the driving forces in the OPS and LAB activities, and since early 2017, Martel has been a FIWARE Gold Member, taking part to the steering of the FIWARE Community.

Martel has been a key player in, and continues to directly contribute to many FIWARE-driven FP7 and H2020 projects.

We’re now making our experience in FIWARE available to our customers and partners!


We are leading experts on production level configuration of FIWARE Data and IoT management services and we can help you to make your infrastructure ready for production requirements such as:

  • Security
  • Resilience
  • Scalability
  • Availability

We can help you in designing your FIWARE-based platform and into customizing FIWARE to your needs. Contact us here!


Thanks to our expertise, we now offer dedicated training on FIWARE technology, helping you to learn the technology’s secrets, and master them using cutting edge solutions such as Docker. Learn the secrets of FIWARE from one of its creators!

To book your one-day FIWARE training session Contact us

Our FIWARE stories

Green Route

Martel is supporting to the development of a Smart City solution for Mexico City that provides green routing services in polluted cities. The objective of Green Route is to help end users to determine the best route to follow to reach a destination, taking into account the user’s preferences.


Orchestra Cities, a product developed by Martel in collaboration with Ubiwhere and Therapenis, was selected for Phase I and Phase II of Select4Cities tender. It will be trialled in Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

Download here the Orchestra Cities brochure (PDF)

Our contributions to FIWARE


QuantumLeap, released under the Apache License 2, is being actively developed by Martel and was donated to the FIWARE community.


MasterMind is an ongoing collaboration between Martel, Atos and ZHAW to develop a data flow orchestrator for NGSI compliant services.


Martel is leading the activities on FIWARE Ops. FIWARE Ops is the set of tools that support the operation of FIWARE nodes and services.

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Our involvement in FIWARE projects

Martel has been a key player in, and continues to directly contribute to many FIWARE-driven FP7 and H2020 projects:

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