Orchestra Cities

An open platform for Smart City Services

Orchestra Cities is an open platform for cities to develop and share Smart City services . It is a data and IoT-driven solution that enables municipalities to effectively and collaboratively develop, share and monitor services in an open and collaborative way.

Source code is open source, APIs are based on open standards, and mechanisms to import and integrate data and services are open, as well as shared and co-created data models.

Launched in 2018, Orchestra Cities was developed and tested with the municipalities of Antwerp (Belgium) and Helsinki (Finland) and is now being trialled in Germany and in Switzerland.

To know more about Orchestra Cities, please visit the new website!

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    Monique Calisti: Sitra guest blog

    Martel’s CEO Dr Monique Calisti has a guest blog up on the website of Finnish innovation agency, Sitra. Calisti’s blog “Creating an internet of humans” was written from her perspective as head of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) Outreach Office. However, it also demonstrates Monique’s......

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    Martel wins 5G award

    At last week’s Smart City World Expo Congress in Barcelona, Martel won a 5G award. The prize was for GreenRoute, a smart-mobility software application co-developed with Mexican institutions. We also exhibited our smart city platform Orchestra Cities at the conference. GreenRoute is a powered by......

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    Martel CTO is a FIWARE evangelist

    Martel’s chief technology officer Dr Federico Michele Facca has been named one of the FIWARE Evangelists. Facca, who has been active in developing, promoting and adopting the FIWARE platform, joins a distinguished group of 30 FIWARE Evangelists in an initiative that recognises those who are......

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    Martel talks Smart Cities in Mexico

    During the week of September 10, 2018, the Smart City Expo Latam took place in the Exhibitor Center of the historical city of Puebla, México. With over 12,000 visitors and around 44 countries represented (especially from Latin America), it was an excellent venue for Martel to present......

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    Connecting at EuCNC 2018

    Team Martel are back from a busy but rewarding edition of EuCNC that was held last week in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Clocking up its 27th edition, this European telecommunications and networking conference has been around since the founding stages of the European Union and it’s a major event where European communication networks researchers, innovators and policy makers meet....

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    MARTEL forges tighter relationships in Mexico City

    The MARTEL team visited Mexico City for the “Semana de DiplomaciaCientifica de la Unión Europea” (The Science Diplomatic Week organized by the European Union), where it represented FIWARE Mexico, SmartSDK, FI-NEXT and Orchestra Cities projects. The Scientific Diplomatic Week was hosted in the stunning Museum......

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    Conducting the symphony of data

    Cities getting smarter, and that’s creating a new set of challenges for both the cities themselves and their citizens. Living in a smart city opens up amazing potentials through new technologies, the internet of things, and big data – but these same things can raise......

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    Martel crosses the Atlantic!

    Next month, Martel will cross the Atlantic to attend the European Science Diplomacy Week & EU-Mexico JSC meeting on March 21-22. While there, Martel will be attending the FIWARE Mexico Open Camp, to promote FIWARE technology within the Mexican ICT community and foster cooperation between the......

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    A symphony of data

    Orchestra Cities, Martel Lab’s new smart city data-management product is progressing at full speed! To answer the need for a flexible data-management platform for smart cities, the team at Martel Lab, in collaboration with Ubiwhere and Therapenis, has developed Orchestra Cities, an integrated platform based......

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    2nd Global 5G Event, “Enabling the 5G EcoSphere”

    2nd Global 5G Event, “Enabling the 5G EcoSphere” In collaboration with the 5G Infrastructure Association, the European Commission and the EURO 5G project partners, Martel Innovate successfully orchestrated the organisation of the 2nd Global 5G Event held in Rome on November 9-10 2016. The two-day......