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Building good communication requires far more than a collection of branded collaterals. We believe the key to successful communication comes from telling great stories, sharing experience, and building bridges of understanding between you and your audience.

Every innovation project is so much more than its “formal” output. It is a story of challenges met, adversity overcome, and relationships forged. Our experts will listen and learn from you, and build you the brand you need to reflect your identity and goals. We will help you reach your audience and share your experiences, and build that engagement into long-lasting relationships.

Our philosophy is that good communication is vital to build understanding, stimulate creativity and extend reach and impact – especially when it comes to innovation. We can help you build your outreach strategy wtih with specialized management support, expert advice and training, a comprehensive toolbox, and all the materials you need for success.

We will support your marketing and communications outreach through:

Brand strategy

Your brand establishes the boundaries of your organization’s look and feel, it’s persona, and how it engages with its stakeholders.

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Visual identity

A strong and memorable visual identity is key to seizing the attention of your target audience, whether it be clients, investors or partners.

Editorial services

From advertising copy to white papers, our experts can craft the content you need or edit your existing content into its best form.

Multimedia content creation

Videos, websites, and mobile apps – content has moved off the printed page for good! Show off your project through professionally made multimedia, multiplatform content.

Marketing strategy

From creating collateral to defining strategy, our expert communicators can help you design, create and implement the correct marketing and communications outreach program for your business.

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Communications channels

Successful outreach for your brand depends on having solid channels for distribution. Martel Media can help you build the network you need from digital to traditional. Websites, intranets, social media, multimedia, and print – we can support your needs.

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Events management

Networking, workshops, conferences. exhibitions, seminars, trainings – bringing the right people to the table can often be a critical element. Draw upon 20 years of innovation event management expertise to ensure yours is a success.

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Stakeholder engagement

From the media to the government, our professionals can guide and support you in building and maintaining the relationships you need, and keeping your stakeholder networks informed and engaged.

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