Making innovation happen in your business requires the right talent and support. Martel’s technical team is your ideal ICT partner to embrace innovative and sustainable technologies and solutions and deliver business value. Martel’s experts can help you discover, understand and adopt advanced Cloud, IoT, AI and data analytics concepts and technologies. Our team can help you explore and define the best ICT innovation strategy for your business and bridge gaps in your organization combining effectiveness and flexibility.

With seamless support from concept to execution, the Martel’s technical team gives you access to a wealth of specialized theoretical, technical and procedural knowledge. From analysing technology trends and defining roadmaps, to building your prototype, Martel’s experts can help your organisation in its digital journey.

Our key expertise covers technologies such as:

  • Microservices and container orchestration solutions (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Timeseries data bases (e.g. Crate, Timescale)
  • Data analytics solutions (e.g. Hadoop, Spark)
  • Open Source IoT stacks (FIWARE)
  • IoT standards (e.g. Lorawan, AMQP, COAP, …)
  • Infrastructure monitoring solutions (Prometheus/Grafana, Elastic Search)

Embracing new technologies

Be part of the change

The world is changing fast, and today’s innovative ideas are competing to become tomorrow’s standard technologies. We provide you with an overview of key solutions that can innovate your business, which technology trends you should look into, and where to invest.

Using our knowledge of the current state-of-the-art in Cloud, IoT, Edge, AI and data analytics, we can understand future trends and forecast which key technological advancements are expected to emerge in the short and medium term, so that you can best position your project for success.

Once you have your project’s goal defined and have decided which innovative technologies to embrace, we can match your requirements and scout the best solutions for you, so that you can focus your energy on the core of your business and not on its enablers.

Solution design

Mastering your needs

Creating an innovative product or innovating your current business by embracing novel technologies in the Cloud, IoT and data management arena is not an easy challenge.

Whether you are looking for innovating your business through Cloud or IoT solutions, we are here to help you. From co-design workshops to elicit requirements, to defining solutions and designing architectures, you can draw on our deep expertise in IoT architectures and Cloud solutions. Leverage our capacity to explore Open Source solutions to avoid the lock-in attached to proprietary solutions.

Our hands-on experience is at your disposal to help you in the design of the proper solution to your problem, taking into account key aspects such as: automation, scalability, resiliency and performances.

Prototyping your ideas

Building it right

Transforming your idea into a prototype can be a long and complex process, especially when onboarding innovative technology. Pushing the boundaries of the state of the art can be frustrating, as many different components must all interact correctly.

The Martel Lab will serve as your prototyping partner to develop applications based on cutting edge solutions. With our team of highly skilled experts, we can help you in embracing latest technologies, and moving your monolithic application into the realm of native Cloud applications.

Do you need multi-site architectures? High availability of data and services? Self-healing applications? Scalable IoT architectures? Talk to us!

Agile Management

Building your road to success

When it comes time to execute, having a detailed plan is invaluable. No project exists in a vacuum, and as a result must work in an environment of interdependencies – some of which are controllable, while others are not. The best way to navigate this environment is a market driven roadmap coupled with an agile management process.

When we help you to build your roadmap, we don’t just draw on your internal project resources and information. We use our full knowledge of the technological landscape and innovation ecosystem to help you plan your path and map out the potential areas of risk or opportunity.

Then, as the project calls for it, we use agile practices to redefine, redirect, or reprioritize the roadmap as needed.