From vineyard data to a solution for wine production optimization and wine story-telling

With StoryWine, Martel Innovate and Zenithwings chronicle the story behind each bottle of wine. The StoryWine platform harnesses smart agriculture to improve the quality of wine and efficiency of production, through sensor-based data and analytics. Winemakers can also share the story of every grape, from the vine to the bottle for consumers who are passionate about every drop.


  • Manage vineyards parcels and terroirs
  • Monitor the status of your vineyard through IoT sensors and satellite imaginary
  • Register operations over the vineyard
  • Compute suggested irrigations plans based on monitoring information
  • Analyse health of the vineyard and suggest treatments / actions
  • Notify about different alerts (weather, risks, …)
  • Share notes on vineyard status with the team
  • Record a history for each wine you are producing


  • All information on your vineyard in a single application
  • Improve efficiency of irrigation
  • Prevent diseases to your vineyard
  • Receive alerts regarding weather and other risks
  • Combine viticulture and marketing into a single tool

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