Martel CTO is a FIWARE evangelist


Martel CTO Dr Federico M Facca

Martel’s chief technology officer Dr Federico Michele Facca has been named one of the FIWARE Evangelists.

Facca, who has been active in developing, promoting and adopting the FIWARE platform, joins a distinguished group of 30 FIWARE Evangelists in an initiative that recognises those who are actively representing and promoting FIWARE across the world.

“Having been involved in developing FIWARE beginning in April 2013, I am honoured to be named one of the FIWARE Evangelists,” Facca said.

Facca is among the core technical figures in the FIWARE program, within which he successfully supervised a heterogeneous team of more than 60 engineers from different ICT companies and major European research centers (e.g. Telefonica, Thales, Engineering, etc.) contributing to the FIWARE Lab activities.

“The FIWARE Evangelists Initiative is a wonderful programme that will help the FIWARE community to grow. It will also boost and support the development of standards and solutions for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0: two sectors that are vital for the future of EU citizens and EU economy.

“We have already achieved several successes at Martel using FIWARE as a bedrock for SmartSDK and Orchestra Cities, and contributing to FIWARE our cutting edge solution for Timeseries, we hope the community and adoption will further grow, benefiting all the contributors and adopters,” Facca said.

Ulrich Ahle, CEO of said: “The aim of the FIWARE Evangelists Initiative is to recognise and give visibility to those who have been actively representing and promoting FIWARE all over the world with their solutions, experiences and technological know-how. We want to provide our Evangelists access to a repository of materials that can support them as they continue to help foster the development of a new generation of interoperable solutions and services based on open standards, hereby paving the way for the data-driven economy.

“By making the Evangelists publicly visible we are providing access to them for those who are interested in learning more about FIWARE or looking for a speaker in a given language or country. The initiative is still in its early stages but we look forward to developing it further with time.”


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