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Martel’s smart city platform Orchestra Cities is featured as a key project in the ‘Fight against climate change‘ booklet by the FIWARE Foundation.

Orchestra Cities embraces Open Standards, Open API, and Open Data Models. This is the perfect ground to develop IoT solutions for sustainable and inclusive cities.

City-to-City collaboration and Citizens-to-City collaborations are core to the Orchestra Cities approach.

In one of its use cases, the power and flexibility of Orchestra Cities allows Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich (EKZ) to offer towns in the Canton of Zurich tailored, multi-tenant support for multiple use cases. EKZ delivers cost-effective, safe, and environmentally responsible energy to one million people in Switzerland. Orchestra Cities in collaboration with EKZ covers several scenarios and includes important climate-relevant aspects:

  • Data stream from air quality sensors, measuring ozone, SO2, and particulate matter of different sizes;
  • Integration with Open Data stream for weather measurements and forecast;
  • Pervasive time series and geo-tagging on data streams, to create high-quality historical information bases;
  • Analytics and dashboards (e.g., heat map of the combined air quality for area and time).

The new publication published by the FIWARE Foundation, ‘Fighting Climate Change with FIWARE, Let’s do it together!’ features Orchestra Cities, as well as other environmentally friendly IoT and ICT innovations relating to cities, industry, agrifood and energy including air monitoring, transport, waste management and smart lighting as well as other smart projects.

Download the PDF – Fighting Climate Change with FIWARE and read the Orchestra Cities article on p16.

fiware climate
fiware climate