Martel at the 2nd FIWARE Summit in Utrecht

Martel brings SMARTSDK Project at the 2nd FIWARE Summit

The Second FIWARE Summit took place between the 23th and the 25th of May in the futuristic rooms of the Media Plaza Jaarbeurs, in Utrecht, Netherlands. This fantastic and vibrant city welcomed more than 317 attendees of the summit. Members of the FIWARE community joined the event: students, researchers, developers, CEOs of SMEs and startups.

Just like in the first summit, held in Malaga late last year, this event not only presented the status of FIWARE as it is today, but also fomented discussions about the future, particularly for the Industry, Agrifood and Smart Cities pillars. Additionally, enlightening keynotes from different industry professionals brought interesting food for though. Examples include the talk by Jaya Baloo (Chief Information Security Officer at KPN) about the importance of security considerations in the planning of future smart cities and the presentation of Willem Jonker (CEO, EIT Digital), which gave a panorama of the European position in the global landscape of Information Technologies innovations.

 Martel made its presence at the How-to Sessions.

DBGMIwsWsAEAP_R.jpg-largeThe usual technical tracks took place during the three days, running in parallel with the rest of the business-oriented sessions.  Last year, Dr Federico Facca gave a talk in Malaga called “FIWARE Data Management in High Availability”. This time, on the second day, Tomas Aliaga presented part of the work being done in the SmartSDK project, in a session Called “Recipes and Architecture Patterns for GEs in HA using Swarmkit”. The session showed how different FIWARE Generic Enablers can be deployed as services in a Docker Swarm installed in the FIWARE Lab with Rancher, allowing the applicability of common cloud architecture patterns using different features of Docker. It can be thought as a continuation Dr Federico Facca’s talk in the last summit. Minutes before Tomas’ talk, the contributions of Gabriel Cerfoglio (one of our newest member in Martel’s Labs) were highlighted at the talk named “Manage your containers on the FIWARE Lab and your RasperryPI with Rancher” presented by Daniele Pizzolli (FBK) & Sean Murphy (ZHAW). In particular, these contributions bring authentication features for Rancher using FIWARE Lab accounts.

0-weu-d3-f8fde77edcaa7f7d691afc68a74ea2c2To conclude, several plenary sessions were held involving interesting discussions and products presentations. Furthermore, several funding programmes and opportunities for SMEs and entrepreneurs were announced. If you are part of an SME interested in innovating with FIWARE, this is the type of events you should definitively not miss!

We at Martel are looking forward to continuing our work in this second half of the 2017 until the chance to meet the community again at the next fiware summit, with dates and place to be announced soon.

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