Tomas Aliaga


Tomas AliagaTomas Aliaga

Senior Software Developer

Tomas joined Martel Lab in September 2016 as a Sr Software Developer.
He discovered his passion for Software while spending his days in high-school assembling electronic circuits and developing code for micro-controllers.
His early experiences in Argentina included TA’ing and Software Development for FONSOFT R&D projects. He completed his degree of Software Engineer (Ingeniero Informático) at Universidad Blas Pascal, after taking the elective courses at Technische Universität Graz.
Living in Brazil he worked at ESSS as a software developer of scientific applications for the Oil and Gas industry. He gained extensive expertise with Qt, Python, Data Science and Agile Techniques applied on software development.
Tomas is a constant learner with strong passion for teaching and plans to become a professor one day. His main areas of interests include Algorithms, Linux and Python applied on Industrial and Scientific applications. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.