Brazil-EU Cooperation on Human Smart Cities and FIWARE Workshop, 16-17 February, Natal (Brazil)

Brazil-EU Cooperation

Martel lands in Natal to represent the FIWARE Mundus team and help fostering Brazil-EU cooperation!

Brazil-EU Cooperation

On behalf of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Inovation (MCTI), the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) has organised the Brazil-EU Cooperation on Human Smart Cities and FIWARE Workshop, in partnership with the European Comission.

The goal of the Workshop is to define an Action Plan to the development of Solutions to Human and Smart Cities using FIWARE as a common infrastructure.

The workshop is organized by the presidence of SBC and hosted by the the Instituto Metrópole Digital (IMD) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), in Natal/RN РBrazil.

Participants include key representatives from ongoing European Innovation efforts, the European Commission,the Brazilian academic community, the Federal Government and Brazilian Enterprises.

The resulting action plan will be shared with municipalities and state governments interested in implementing innovation ecosystems, relevant Ministries, who will strive to support its implementation, and the European Commission, which will encourage via the Future Internet Public Private Partnership, FI-PPP, community to make available techonology, coordination and training support for the development and deployment of FIWARE-based solutions at the core of the Brazil-EU cooperation.

Stay tuned on the FIWARE Mundus and Martel communication channels to learn more about this!