Orchestra Cities featured at CITYXCITY Festival


Orchestra Cities featured in the first edition of the CITYxCITY Festival, 13 – 15 January, to highlight how the open source platform enables digitally empowered and sustainable smart cities.

Orchestra Cities was presented by Martel CEO, Dr Monique Calisiti at the CITYxCITY Festival, the annual event of Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) featuring global change makers, and the latest insights about digital urban transformation to guide cities and communities in their digital transformation.

A major challenge in modern cities is the increasing need for smart and interconnected services for citizens in a context-aware and pervasive manner, especially in these recent difficult pandemic times. Only a complexity mindset, focused on organic and sustainable development with continuous replanning and dynamic local adaptation can bring our cities into the future.

Orchestra Cities in Action

Orchestra Cities’ solution and services, featured at the CITYXCITY Festival, support the transformation towards a collaborative, sustainable, and digitally enabled operating model. City operations must be open and ready to allow multiple cities or regions to work together and facilitate innovation with the co-creation of applications and use cases by citizen and third-party businesses. This vision ties into many current trends such as participatory democracy, circular economy, climate neutral cities, smart and trustworthy data, and agile service provision.

Orchestra Cities is already helping our customers, the municipality of Wolfsburg (Germany) and the EKZ multi-utility provider in the canton of Zürich (Switzerland) to work on key scenarios such as environmental air quality monitoring, traffic and parking management, and intelligent citizen-driven waste collection.The platform enables data and process integration among IoT sensors, open data streams, and purpose-specific systems that can be integrated into the smart city ecosystem. Orchestra Cities also offers scalable back-end reliability with real-time data streams to both web dashboards and end-user mobile applications.

A Sustainable Urban Vision for the Cities of the Future

At Martel, we advocate that cities should advance on the path of smart, sustainable, and climate-neutral development. Such a journey entails much more than appropriate software solutions. An open, modern, reliable and extensible platform such as Orchestra Cities, as featured at the CITYXCITY Festival, is a key enabler towards a systemic transformation of our urban living. We are contributing our platform, as well as the associated services from Martel and our partners, as a foundation for the urban vision we believe in.

Martel CEO Dr Monique Calisti explains more about how Orchestra Cities contributes to sustainable urban development, watch the video:



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