Martel demo at FIWARE Summit

The Smart Country Convention and combined FIWARE Summit proved to be great opportunities for Martel to demo its FIWARE-based products to a wide audience and engage existing and potential customers.

The Smart Country Convention, held in Berlin, 22-24 October, attracted more than 12,700 attendees, with 150 exhibitors discussing solutions to bridge the gap between public authorities and the digital economy. The co-hosted 7th FIWARE Global Summit attracted attendees from far and wide: more than 25 countries and 5 continents to network, learn, discover and, most importantly, enhance their  knowledge of FIWARE and engage with the FIWARE Community.

Martel Innovate has a long history in the FIWARE Community and is actively engaged in it, also thanks to the role of Martel Innovate’s CTO, Federico Facca as a member of the Board of Directors and of the Technical Steering Committee. Federico was taking part in the BOD meeting for the first time and was able to discuss key actions needed to sustain the global growth of FIWARE with the other members.

Martel gave live demonstrations of its FIWARE based-solutions, Orchestra Cities and Story Wine. Martel also engaged the community around its open source contributions such as QuantumLeap, with a tutorial provided by Andrea Falconi, our Senior Full Stack Developer.

From the feedback received, it is clear that, with Martel’s competences on FIWARE, we have what it takes to  ‘Make It Happen’ at scale, leveraging our unique understanding of deploying FIWARE using state-of-the-art cloud solutions and enabling multi-tenancy in a single platform.

The Martel team was present for all three days also at the FIWARE exhibition area, where Martel’s solutions were showcased.  At the booth we engaged existing and potential customers, presenting them with our latest outcomes with EKZ and Wobcom. A lot of interest was raised around our solutions and we are looking forward to follow up on the engagements to further pilot and evolve our solutions!

Martel, despite being small, clearly plays a key role in the FIWARE community and in the evolution of the platform thanks to its strategic innovation vision around IoT technologies and Cloud technologies.

Being there and seeing what other companies are doing was of great inspiration and motivation for us.

For more information on Orchestra Cities, click here

For more information on Story Wine, click here

Join us at the next event to discuss about how you could leverage Martel’s competences to create your FIWARE-based solution!

Smart City Expo World Congress, 19-21 November, Barcelona, Spain. Our team will showcase our data and IoT-driven solution that allows cities to collaboratively develop and share Smart City Services using Open APIs and Open Standards.