Martel Innovate is flying to the Open FIWARE Camp in Puerto Vallarta

Martel Innovate is supporting the organization of the first Open FIWARE Camp in Mexico, which will take place in Puerto Vallarta on June 1st and 2nd 2017.

The FIWARE Open Camp is organized within the context of the FIWARE Mexico project  jointly with the CUDI Week , an important annual event that gathers researchers, academics and the most innovative start-ups in Mexico and Central America.

The Martel Media team developed the design of the event’s promotional materials, including the agenda and badges which will be distributed to the participants.

fmexico The design creatively combines the FIWARE Mexico corporate image, in line overall FIWARE branding guidelines, with the event’s specific identity. For Martel this continues the commitment to promote the FIWARE technologies and the overall initiative for its effective uptake and growth in a broad international perspective, which Martel started a few years ago as one of the leaders of the FIWARE Mundus initiative.

The strategic question that will be addressed at the Open FIWARE Camp in Mexico by the quadruple helix stakeholders attending the Open FIWARE Camp is:

What are the societal challenges in health, energy, security and smart cities that can use FIWARE solutions in spite of the problems we know?

In this respect, the Open FIWARE Camp aims to identify challenges for FIWARE cooperation between Mexican and European innovators, by sharing ideas and good practices that will contribute to accelerate innovation around technologies and applications enabled by FIWARE.

The Open FIWARE Camp will start with the meeting of the members of the three FIWARE Mexico Working Groups: Industry, Research and Education, and Users.

The Open FIWARE Camp is based on highly interactive, state of the art, design thinking methods that will foster the generation of many collaborative projects and ideas. The Camp will apply the Open Space Technology Unconference methods to engage quadruple helix stakeholders in addressing key societal issues where FIWARE can bring fundamental solutions and innovations. Participants will suggest and select the issues to discuss in four breackout group sessions grouping about 10 parallel co-creation groups each.

Dr. Monique Calisti, Martel Innovate Executive Director, will be directly involved and will be on stage on June 2nd, with a presentation titled: From Europe to Mexico: FIWARE Success Stories.

“Knowledge sharing and networking opportunities are central to the FIWARE Mexico project’s efforts and its capability to create a strong impact. We aim at supporting the establishment of productive collaborations between European and Mexican start-ups and SMEs developing innovative solutions based on FIWARE technologies. We already started documenting relevant FIWARE success stories focused on Health, Smart Cities, Energy and Transport in vertical sectors. In Puerto Vallarta I will bring two selected cases to the Mexican’s audience attention: SmartAppCity and alzhUP. Both start-ups after a successful kick-off in Europe are actively pursuing commercial activities in the Latin Market. This event is a great opportunity to scout for other successful experiences and projects based in Mexico. We hope to attract and introduce the most successful Mexican solutions to the wider audience at the next edition of the Open FIWARE Camp, which will be organized in Europe early 2018.”


Martel will learn from this first Open FIWARE Camp experience in Mexico aiming at identifying key players in the Mexican landscape that can become the new FIWARE Champions

in Latin America.
Stay tuned! More news from Puerto Vallarta will be published soon via the Martel Twitter channel