Martel Innovate at the FIWARE Open Day

Martel Innovate at the FIWARE Open Day: reconfirming our committment to the success and growth of the FIWARE Open Service Platform and Business  Ecosystem.

Dr. Federico Facca, Head of Martel Lab, and Dr. Monique Calisti, Executive Director of Martel Innovate, participated to the FIWARE Open Day that marked an historical moment for the FIWARE community. Through the Future Internet Public Private Partnership, which starting in 2011 has pioneered the development of FIWARE, the European Commission has joined forces with key industrial players to advance Europe’s competitiveness in Future Internet technologies and to support the emergence of Future Internet-enhanced applications of public and social relevance.

Yesterday, in Brussels, the European Commission has “officially” passed the baton to the FIWARE Foundation the legal independent body providing shared resources to help achieving the FIWARE mission by promoting, augmenting, protecting, and validating the FIWARE technologies as well as the activities of the FIWARE community, empowering its members including end users, developers and rest of stakeholders in the entire ecosystem.

The creation of the FIWARE Foundation and the committment of key industrial players that have been the main believers and promoters of FIWARE has marked a clear step towards the growth of the whole business innovation ecosystem, which in these years the FIWARE players have built.

For Martel this represents a unique opportunity to consolidate our FIWARE-centered service offering.” says Dr. Calisti the day after the FIWARE Open Day. “To continue working with top-notch innovators like our partners in Telefonica, Orange, Atos and Engineering is key for small players like Martel to succeed in the next generation service delivery market. The fact that a world-wide giant like NEC has joined the FIWARE Foundation and puts FIWARE at the core of its R&D vision for the realization of the Society 5.0 platform reconfirms that we are heading in the right direction.”


Martel team is on top of the game, having recently joined the FIWARE Foundation and the FIWARE Marketplace.

Martel Innovate has been actively involved in FIWARE since its inception,  supporting the creation and growth of the FIWARE community globally in several ways: from R&D efforts dedicated to ground its technological foundation (via our involvement in the XIFI, FI-CORE, SmartSDK and FI-NEXT projects) to marketing and promotional activities that have ensured the FIWARE Lab set up and expansion in Europe and internationally (via the INFINITY, XIFI, FI-LINKS/FIWARE Mundus and FIWARE Mexico enagagement).

Five years ago Martel joined a large group of industrial players, start-ups, researchers, developers and public actors that merged forces across Europe for the creation of FIWARE as an open service platform at the service of the European Industry growth. By now, FIWARE has become an open platform technology enabling business acceleration in several sectors such as Smart Cities, AgriFood, and Manufacturing. Today FIWARE’s mature technologies and a wide-reaching open innovation and business ecosystem are opening up new opportunities to boost Europe’s digital revolution and foster the development of new sustainable economic models that are key for the Digital Single Market vision to become true reaching broad and internationally.

Martel leading internationalisation of FIWARE in Mexico

Born in Europe, FIWARE has been designed with a global ambition and Martel’s contribution has been crucial to ensure successful internationalisation of FIWARE-driven efforts via our engagement in the FIWARE Mundus initiative and now through leadership of EU-MEXICO focused activities via the SmartSDK and FIWARE Mexico projects.

Dr. Federico Facca, Head of Martel Lab, is one of the pioneers of the FIWARE platform. Through his strong R&D competences on the FIWARE architecture and in particular on the FIWARE Cloud, IoT and Data Management chapters, Federico is leading the SmartSDK project. SmartSDK started only in September 2016 but it is already delivering the first outcomes: the FIWARE Train the Trainers program run at the National Lab of Future Internet (LaNIF) in Mexico City in February and early March 2017, involving 25 trainees. The project also released the first demonstrator on healthcare scenario, watch the video. Finally, HOP Ubiquitous, one of EU-side partners from SmartSDK project, has released the initial version of the Smart POIs. Smart POIs will provide an interaction point with citizens and visitors to obtain information about relevant places in conjunction with environmental monitoring data. Therefore, these Smart POIs will be accessible when using public transport and visiting relevant Points of Interest in Mexico City. Many more activities are in the pipeline as Martel is now working on

  • The Startup Weekend Mexico: SmartSDK will organize yearly with the support of the Incubators and Accelerators of ITESM, INFOTEC and TID (Wayra) a Startup Weekend in Mexico. The Startup Weekend Mexico will aim at gathering entrepreneurs and startuppers of the Mexican scene with the aim of innovative promoting FIWARE-based businesses.
  • The Europe-Mexico Smart Challenge: Once per year, during a major event, SmartSDK will organize a Challenge dealing with the development of Smart Applications. The Challenge will be open to European and Mexican teams and deals with relevant sustainability challenges in Mexico and Europe.
  • The FIWARE Hack: SmartSDK will organize every year two hackathons to gather the FIWARE Community and provide latest insights on FIWARE developments. They will be organized contemporary in Europe and Mexico, fostering when possible the creation of cross-Atlantic teams.
  • The FIWARE Talks: SmartSDK will organize a series of invited talks (at least 12 during the duration of the project). Speakers will be selected among Innovation influencers in Europe and Mexico. The talks will cover different themes: FIWARE Technology, FIWARE Ecosystem, FIWARE Success stories, Open and Agile Smart Cities, etc. Talks will be recorded and made available online.
  • The EU-Mexico VIP Programme: Every year 3 startups from Mexico will be selected to take part to meetings in Europe with investors and funds to support their expansion in the European market. Likewise, every year 3 startups will be selected from Europe will be engaged in meeting to foster business opportunities in Mexico.

Dr. Monique Calisti, Executive Director of Martel Innovate, is actively engaged in the FIWARE MEXICO project which address the challenge of enhancing FIWARE-driven collaboration between Europe and Mexico, based on the adoption, deployment and improvement of FIWARE in Mexico. This will be used as a framework to open up new horizons for future cooperation between Europe and Mexico in the ICT domain.

All processes, tools, know-how and incentives that are being defined, implemented and enforced via the FIWARE MEXICO context aim to bring new Mexican players into the FIWARE arena, as well as create a sustainable collaborative environment between Europe and Mexico. The initiative cultivate the conditions for supporting the FIWARE activities in Mexico, helping it to go beyond the FIWARE Lab experience, and generate an effective bootstrap of a cohesive and growing innovation FIWARE-driven ecosystem. Within the FIWARE Mexico project we are mapping a selected number of FIWARE Success Projects in the fields of Transport, Smart Cities, e-Health and Energy & Environment. We want to share European experience, know-how and lessons learned with peer Mexican SMEs, accelerators and institutions, which are moving their first steps in the FIWARE ecosphere. Selected FIWARE Testimonials will be offered the opportunity to attend for free the Open FIWARE Camp to be held in May 2017 in Mexico!