FIWARE & Mexico: new activities to start



New activities will start soon in Mexico in relation to FIWARE. Martel Innovate will play a primary role in these activities, reinforcing its contribution to FIWARE community.
FIWARE, that has already a live community in Mexico, is going to start in the month of September a number of new activities to support the Mexican community and it’s link with Europe.

The activities are supported by two EU projects:

  • SmartSDK
  • FIWARE Mexico

Federico M. Facca, head of Martel Lab at Martel Innovate, is the coordinator of SmartSDK. SmartSDK is a FIWARE initiative that provides ready-to-use bundles for the creation of Smart Services. In particular, the foreseen features of SmartSDK includes:

  • Architecture patterns: SmartSDK will provide a set of reusable and cloud-native architecture patterns to simplify the development of Smart Services.
  • Reusable data models: SmartSDK provides a number of ready to use models for the creation of Smart Services based on NGSI v2.
  • FIWARE-native: all components comes from FIWARE and add-ons are contributed to FIWARE Community as Open Source.
  • Example applications: SmartSDK will provide example applications in the Smart City, Smart Health and Smart Security domains.

You can find more information on SmartSDK here.

FIWARE Mexico will then complement SmartSDK activities providing support to the community building, with trainings, hackathons and other major events.

Finally, to support the launch of the two initiatives and the Mexican community, FIWARE will organise a workshop on the 7th September in Mexico City. You can register here.