Martel talks Smart Cities in Mexico

L-R: Magali Arellano Vázquez (INFOTEC), Alicia Martinez Rebollar (CENIDET), Joanna Alvarado Uribe (ITESM), Ari Yair Barrera Animas (ITESM), Tomas Aliaga (Martel Innovate), Hugo Estrada Esquivel (INFOTEC)

During the week of September 10, 2018, the Smart City Expo Latam took place in the Exhibitor Center of the historical city of Puebla, México. With over 12,000 visitors and around 44 countries represented (especially from Latin America), it was an excellent venue for Martel to present results of our ongoing Smart Cities projects. We also got to engage in exciting conversations about Smart Cities and tech with different actors, understanding the real needs and challenges for citizens and governments in the coming years.

At the FIWARE EU-MEXICO workshop, Martel’s Tomas Aliaga presented the results of the SmartSDK project. SmartSDK is a collaboration between 10 SMEs and research institutions from México and Europe for the development of software applications in the context of Smart Healthcare, Smart Mobility and Smart Securities using FIWARE technologies.

Tomas Aliaga, Martel Innovate

Martel also presented Orchestra Cities, the open platform for Smart Cities services. Martel is developing Orchestra Cities with Ubiwhere and Therapeanis using FIWARE and several other state-of-the-art Open Source technologies. You can find more information at

“Overall, the Smart City Expo was a big success. It demonstrated that the needs and challenges for the future of smart cities have been clearly identified. For example, we have seen a plethora of software solutions tacking different needs of the cities, but the question remains: how many of these are truly open and based on open standards? With so many options to choose from, decision-makers are now seeking solutions that are open, secure and interoperable,” said Aliaga.

L-R: Tomas Aliaga (Martel), Ari Yair Barrera Animas (ITESM), Samuel Jimenez (INFOTEC), Joanna Alvarado Uribe (ITESM), Miguel Palacios (INAOE)

At Martel Innovate, we welcome the drive towards  standard and open solutions. If you would like to find out more about our products and FIWARE offerings, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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