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Martel repository on Initiatives to fight against COVID-19

The Coronavirus has galvanised human and technological resources to respond to the emergency and Martel offers an overview of the most innovative initiatives – from funding opportunities to collaborative actions. A repository of actions and opportunities to fight against COVID-19 is compiled and hosted by Martel,...

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Agile working in unprecedented circumstances

The Coronavirus dominates news cycles. New cases and deaths increase at an alarming rate and the pandemic has led to unprecedented events including national lock-downs, travel bans and a fall in global markets. Containment measures have led to the cancellation of major global events, millions...

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H-Cloud kick off!

Martel is the coordinator of H-CLOUD, the EC-funded project to support the European Cloud Computing Community. At the kick off meeting in Brussels on 15 January, Martel held an intense and fruitful meeting with the DG Connect Unit E.2 (Cloud & Software) team. At the launch,...

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Martel at the Connected Smart Cities Conference

Martel’s affinity for smart cities was in full evidence at the Connected Smart Cities Conference in Brussels on 23 January. Martel’s CEO Dr Monique Calisti spoke at a session on Operating Urban Data Platforms based on Minimal Interoperability which garnered great interest from the audience. Cities...

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Martel at European GaN for Space Applications Workshop

Martel attended the European GaN for Space Applications Workshop, held in Brussels on 19 November. Martel's presence was in the context of dissemination for the QV-LIFT project. The event, gathered experts in the application of Gallium Nitride (GaN)-enabled technology in space, from Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and...

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Martel Instrumental to the Success of DigiGOV Policy Lab

DigiGOV held a Policy Lab which took place October 24 and 25 at JRC’s premises in Seville, Spain. DigiGOV is funded by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, with Martel as the Task Lead for stakeholder engagement. The Policy Lab had 38 high-level participants, including external experts...

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Join us! Smart Cities Expo World Congress

Martel is gearing up for the Smart Cities Expo World Congress for three action packed days addressing digital transformation, urban environment, mobility, governance & finance and inclusive & sharing cities. Our team will showcase Orchestra Cities, our data and IoT driven solution that allows cities to...

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Martel demo at FIWARE Summit

The Smart Country Convention and combined FIWARE Summit proved to be great opportunities for Martel to demo its FIWARE-based products to a wide audience and engage existing and potential customers. The Smart Country Convention, held in Berlin, 22-24 October, attracted more than 12,700 attendees, with 150 exhibitors...

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At Martel, we live and breathe innovation, and have done since our inception, 20 years ago. Experience does not mean we are ’resting on our laurels’ - we strive to find new creative solutions to ensure a long-lasting communication impact for information and communications technology...

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More than 3,000 top European ICT researchers and innovators met in Helsinki at the ICT Proposers’ Day, as part of the Digital Excellence Forum, on 19 – 20 September. The conference combined vital information sessions on the last calls of the Horizon 2020 framework programme...

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5G and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will be shaping the smart cities of tomorrow, where humans and technology will interact in connected and intelligent ecosystems. More than 64 billion IoT devices are expected to be in operation by 2025 with 127 new IoT devices...

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Martelians were among the 270,000 visitors who attended the Swiss Digital Day on 3 September. Martel Innovate has offices in Zurich, Lugano and Lausanne and with events happening all over the country, from the opening of CERN and Swiss data centers to the general public,...

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Remember the old fable of three blind people with the pachyderm? Each of them built an impression of the animal by touching it, and described quite different animals based on whether they felt the trunk, flank or tail. If 5G is that elephant, Martel builds...

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In July, 2019, the EC published the last version of the H2020-ICT-2018-2020 Programme, offering funding opportunities in several areas around strategic, key and promising digital technologies. The target is to engage, support and advance research innovation and development initiatives and activities that can offer a...

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At the IoT Week, Martel fully embraced the agenda participating in a wide range of activities around three main ways it is supporting through EC funded projects in coalition with other partners: business, showing how Internet of Things solutions can improve business; technology, sharing knowledge...

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OC graphic


 Orchestra Cities, the open Cloud-based smart city platform by Martel, has reached a new level of maturity and popularity in 2019. The current version of Orchestra Cities has expanded a broad range of options on offer, while remaining true to the principles of Open Source...

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Martel team at the Valencia 5G Week What a challenge to keep up with the super dense programme of events, networking meetings, interviews and technology demos organized by EuCNC 2019, for the first time co-located with the 7th Global 5G and the CELTIC-NEXT Events in Valencia...

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digi gov


Martel is at the forefront of an European movement to explore Digital Government Transformation. Digital transformation is having a profound impact - not only on the economy, reshaping vertical industries, creating new business models and supply chains - but also on our society and our governments. Martel’s...

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Joint trials between the EU and China on 5G, featuring enhanced Mobile Broad Band (eMBB) and Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) scenarios have been announced, through the 5G-DRIVE project, which sees Martel bridging EU-China relations, closely working with the technical coordinator VTT (Finland) and the project coordinator, EURESCOM...

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sitra 2019


Martel CEO, Dr Monique Calisti joined top circular economy researchers, practitioners and policy makers at the World Circular Economy Forum. This third annual event, organised by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, was held in Helsinki, 3-5 June, 2019. A clear and drastic change in the way...

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Video: What is innovation to you?

Martel has launched its latest short film: What is innovation to you? Playing with Martel’s tagline “Innovation, we make it happen” the film attempts to answer the question – what is innovation to you? Martel’s filmmakers Claire Doble and Miguel Alarcón asked attendees and exhibitors at the...

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Screenshot from the Martel video: 5G stories from 5G people

5G stories from 5G people

Martel has launched its latest video: 5G Stories from 5G People: Prepare for the Unexpected. The video contains footage shot at the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. MWC is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile services industry. Martel’s 5G Stories… video features interviews...

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Monique Calisti: Sitra guest blog

Martel’s CEO Dr Monique Calisti has a guest blog up on the website of Finnish innovation agency, Sitra. Calisti’s blog “Creating an internet of humans” was written from her perspective as head of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) Outreach Office. However, it also demonstrates Monique’s...

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Martel communicates innovation

One of the most critical factors in today’s hyper-connected society and densely populated digital innovation scene is communication. If you do it right you'll have a chance to be one of the 30% of digital businesses that succeed in the market. However, getting communication right requires...

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Martel at Mobile World Congress

Martel shakes and moves MWC and 4YFN

Martel spent four immersive days at Mobile World Congress and the Four Years From Now conference in Barcelona 24-28 February. Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry,  attracting 100,000 visitors over four days. The exhibitors are spread over eight large...

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Technology for social good: Digital Social Innovation

The technology for social good, or "digital social innovation" movement is happening across Europe and the world. And it's at the intersection of technology and new media, which has redefined our understanding of human progress. A growing movement of innovators in civil society, tech and social...

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Rockin’ blockchain at WorldWebForum

The annual WorldWebForum hosted its seventh edition in Zurich, Switzerland 17-18 January, 2019. The event gathered 1,500 mostly C-level execs to talk thought leadership and digital transformation. The conference had a modern vibe with rock music intros to sessions, dim lighting and lots of neon....

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Beyond the hype – AI made in Europe

Europe has increased its focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) this month. The European Commission announced that research funding for AI in Europe will increase to €1.5 billion from now to 2020. The body also released two important strategy documents to drive coordinated efforts on development...

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5G-DRIVE joint kick-off in China

Martel had a successful trip to China in November, 2018, facilitating the joint kick-off event between 5G-DRIVE and its sister project led by China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), 5G Large-Scale Trials, in China. The trip also took European delegates around several 5G-related key site visits...

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Merry Christmas from Martel

As the holiday season approaches, Martel Innovate wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and productive 2019. Watch the short Martel Christmas video from our international team and also take advantage of our "Christmas present" special offer. If you'd like to hear more from Martel,...

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Martel at ICT2018

Martel shines at ICT2018

Martel is back from one of our biggest events of the year, ICT2018 in Vienna, held 4-6 December. ICT: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe is the European Commission DG CONNECT's flagship event, which meant Martel was hard at work representing many of our Horizon 2020...

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Martel wins 5G award

At last week’s Smart City World Expo Congress in Barcelona, Martel won a 5G award. The prize was for GreenRoute, a smart-mobility software application co-developed with Mexican institutions. We also exhibited our smart city platform Orchestra Cities at the conference. GreenRoute is a powered by FIWARE...

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