More than 3,000 top European ICT researchers and innovators met in Helsinki at the ICT Proposers’ Day, as part of the Digital Excellence Forum, on 19 – 20 September. The conference combined vital information sessions on the last calls of the Horizon 2020 framework programme and the upcoming next Horizon Europe.

Martel presented skills, expertise and planned activities in several of the subject areas relating to some of the last open calls through the European Commission’s H2020 funding programme. Martel supported the European Commission on two major initiatives, the Next Generation Internet (NGI) and the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP).

Martel made presentations on Next Generation IoT in Action and the NGIoT project communicating the project’s achievements and planned activities, the growth of attracting new stakeholders and individuals to the NGIoT community, with a view to new projects that will be funded under the ICT-56-2020.

Martel’s team also participated in various interesting and critical discussions around several topics related to ICT for Health and Cultural Heritage, ICT for Education and Digital Accessibility presenting and discussing our contributions to the domains and future challenges and interests on special roles towards new partnerships and collaborations. The EIC Pathfinder pilot – Boosting emerging technologies session was an opportunity to report on the ongoing FET-PROACTIVE WeNet project.

Martel participated in sessions related to Artificial Intelligence and Future and Emerging Technologies, in keeping with its current presence and increased commitment in the AI and FET project spaces. Martel entered the discussions and partner presentation opportunities during the sessions on AI for Manufacturing and AI excellence centers, platforms and applications.

The importance of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the European Commission’s roadmap was further highlighted in the Digital Europe Programme – Artificial Intelligence session, where the panelists and the attendees engaged in a stimulating and fruitful dialogue about evolving funding and procurement models, connecting AI research and application, and the ever-critical relationship between Artificial Intelligence and data gathering, processing, and sharing while honoring the European values of privacy, ethical responsibility, and open collaboration.