Martel Instrumental to the Success of DigiGOV Policy Lab

DigiGOV held a Policy Lab which took place October 24 and 25 at JRC’s premises in Seville, Spain. DigiGOV is funded by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, with Martel as the Task Lead for stakeholder engagement.

The Policy Lab had 38 high-level participants, including external experts and stakeholders coming from the UN, OECD, national public administrations, research institutes and representatives from the European Commission (JRC and DG CNET).

DigiGOV focuses on innovation in the public sector. It examines the potential of open data to increase public administration transparency, accountability and efficiency. DigiGOV also looks at the role of disruptive technologies and social innovation to re-design public service delivery and governance mechanisms. DigiGOV also addresses the framework conditions and potential impacts of cross-border inter-operability in selected economic sectors.

The Policy Lab is the second stakeholder engagement event of the DigiGOV project. On this occasion, key insights and feedback from a number of selected, high-level stakeholders and experts were collected to better understand public sector innovation in a data-driven society. The Policy Lab aims to reflect on and provide further inputs to the project’s conceptual framework on digital government transformation, as well as other key project outputs, such as the case studies.

Martel supported organisation of the event, in close cooperation with the JRC Seville, and has gained important insights into the EC’s road map and strategies, as well as built a network of key players in the field of social innovation and digitization of governments, expanding its expertise in providing high-quality consulting services to future clients.

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