Martel wins 5G award

Martel CTO Dr Federico Facca, CEO Dr Monique Calisti and Dr Sergi Figuerola Director of i2CAT

At last week’s Smart City World Expo Congress in Barcelona, Martel won a 5G award. The prize was for GreenRoute, a smart-mobility software application co-developed with Mexican institutions. We also exhibited our smart city platform Orchestra Cities at the conference.

GreenRoute is a powered by FIWARE solution developed by INFOTEC, Martel and other partners within the SmartSDK project. It was a winner in the 5G Smart City Vertical Use Case Awards. The award recognises the potential of 5G technologies in Smart City solutions and “aims to ignite the generation of Smart City Use Case Ideas that could be manifested given the 5G technologies.” A shortlist of five finalists, including Martel’s CTO Dr Federico Facca, presented their use cases to a panel of experts on 13 November.

GreenRoute was developed by SmartSDK for Mexico City as part of an EU-Mexico collaboration. GreenRoute helps citizens determine the best route to take when travelling in the city.  Routes are selected based on users’ supplied health profiles and give options for less-polluted areas or to use greener transport. The idea is to improve quality of life while fostering environmentally friendly behaviour in city residents. The project was partly funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

The adoption of 5G technology will allow the solution to evolve and enable a fine-grained mapping of air quality, paving the road to better routing solutions.

“We are delighted to see GreenRoute recognised in the 5G Smart City Use Case Awards,” says Dr Facca. “Smart Cities are an important vertical of 5G and we are hard at work to develop innovative solutions such as GreenRoute that deliver benefit to citizens and contribute to sustainability and greener, healthier city environments.”


Orchestra Cities on show

Martel at SCEWC: Federico Facca and Tomas Aliaga

Dr Federico Facca and Tomas Aliaga

Martel also got great feedback from Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 attendees at the booth for its Orchestra Cities platform.

“It was truly exciting to receive people not only from Europe but also from places like Thailand, Australia, Mexico or Japan, all interested in the same sort of problems around the needs of future cities. The exchange of ideas and discussions about open challenges was a fruitful experience for us,” says Tomas Aliaga from Martel.

Aliaga says that being able to show actual software built on top of FIWARE and following FIWARE principles was a big plus and point of surprise for some of the more skeptical attendees.

Want to find out more about using GreenRoute or Orchestra Cities – our scalable, open source smart city platform – for your next project?  Contact Martel today!