5g-driveJoint trials between the EU and China on 5G, featuring enhanced Mobile Broad Band (eMBB) and Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) scenarios have been announced, through the 5G-DRIVE project, which sees Martel bridging EU-China relations, closely working with the technical coordinator VTT (Finland) and the project coordinator, EURESCOM (Germany).

Martel, as the event manager of the project, organized the first 5G-DRIVE workshop entitled “5G-Trials -From 5G Experimentation to Business Validation” – on May 20th as part of the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2019, in Shanghai, on the theme of empowering intelligent communications.

The goal of the workshop was to evaluate some of the ongoing 5G trialing projects and activities and discuss potential market opportunities for 5G. This follows the design phase and the release of the first set of standards.

The workshop featured keynote speakers from Europe and China, from China Mobile, Dr. Chih-Lin I, VTT, Dr. Matti Kutila and Fuzhou IoT Open Lab, Prof. Yang Yang, elaborating on 5G’s latest technology development and its application scenario in eMBB, V2X and the Internet of Things (IoT).

A call for papers coordinated by Martel resulted in a series of presentations on recent 5G trial activities and trial results; 5G architecture and enabling technologies; 5G architecture for crowd events, and a performance analysis of 5G technologies.

The workshop was followed by a joint project meeting between 5G-DRIVE and its twin project in China, led by China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), discussing next steps on joint trialing activities as well as cooperation on research topics related to and beyond 5G.

The 5G-DRIVE delegation was then invited to visit two live demonstrations. The first demo, on V2X took place in Shanghai Automobile City featuring a test vehicle running various V2X and automated driving tasks. The second demo, on eMBB was presented jointly by China Mobile and Huawei in Hangzhou city, demonstrating 5G connectivity with high data rate (above 1 Gbps) – among the fastest in the world.

To further facilitate EU-China cooperation on 5G Drive, Martel confirms the project has successfully concluded the paper solicitation process and is organising a second workshop on 5G-Trials at the Second 5G World Forum in Dresden between 30 September to 2 October, 2019. Further information, including agenda, schedule and other information will be made available on 5G-DRIVE as well as the Forum’s websites.