Martel is proud to announce coordination and leadership for two new EC-funded projects, each of which is fundamental to advance European projects in their respective areas of cloud communities and digital enhanced learning.

H-CLOUD harnesses the rise of new cloud technologies, services and solutions to enable the European Cloud Community’s growth and leadership in the creation of the Digital Single Market in Europe.

DEL4ALL will transform the current European research and innovation initiatives in the area of digital enhanced learning into an increasingly cohesive, dynamic, participatory and sustainable ecosystem, capable of effectively stimulating collaboration among all key players in an inclusive way for maximum impact.

H-CLOUD_logoAt this point in time, the European market is largely dominated by small and medium sized businesses that are struggling to adopt cloud services, beyond email and cloud storage. There is great potential to improve innovation through improved understanding and trust of cloud services.

In this area, one of the key focus areas of the European Commission is support to the European Cloud Community for the creation of a common technology vision, as well as policies and recommendations. To this aim, H-CLOUD will lead the definition of the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for Cloud Computing that will provide recommendations and strategies to guide the future of European Cloud services and their market regulations.

To support the definition of a shared vision for the future of cloud computing in Europe, H-CLOUD will establish the European Cloud Community Forum of stakeholders representing cloud computing research, industry and users, as a live community of organisations and individuals that will collaborate to address challenges and opportunities at research, technological, policy, standardisation and organisational level.

The creation of a common vision on Cloud Computing, will be the key to unlock the potential of Cloud Computing to support the creation of a Digital Single Market. Through an open governance model and valuable incentives, H-CLOUD will ensure that European Cloud Community Forum will outlast the project duration, becoming a valuable asset of the whole European Cloud Community.

Martel coordinates H-CLOUD with the support of: AcrossLimits, EGI and IDC.

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New technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence bring great opportunities for digital enhanced learning which DEL4ALL aims to harness, for more inclusive and personalised learning solutions.

DEL4ALL will guide the digital enhanced learning community in a forward-looking perspective, to analyse challenges and opportunities offered by new technologies. This will be achieved by engaging experts in digital enhanced learning in a multidisciplinary perspective to understand legal, organisational and technological challenges to overcome, analysing best-practice and success stories and consolidating outcomes of ongoing projects with a view to scale up such solutions.

Dedicated dissemination and stakeholders’ engagement activities will feed into the broader Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative to benefit the whole community. This will form the basis for the provision of guidelines on future research directions, as well as policy recommendations to transition from Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe.

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