With StoryWine, winemakers can use smart agriculture to improve wine quality and production, and wine connoisseurs can read about the growing conditions of the grapes that went into their unique bottle of wine.

The viticulture platform harnesses smart agriculture to improve the quality of wine and efficiency of production, through sensor-based data and analytics. StoryWine’s dashboard uses data from precision IoT sensors and devices, as well as online and satellite imagery to improve crop yield and wine quality.

Thanks to smart AI-based reasoning on aggregated data the wine producers are given decision-making support indications at several stages of the wine production through an intuitive and modular smart dashboard.

A Martel Product

Martel Innovate developed StoryWine, initially with support through Diatomic cascade funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Dr. Federico Facca, Head of Martel’s Lab explains the research innovation behind StoryWine:

“With StoryWine, we have worked in vineyards in Italy and in Portugal to explore the use of our technology. They trialed the platform and report an improvement in the efficiency of their production and the quality of their wines. Farmers appreciate the ability to monitor their own vineyards and get alerts of irrigation algorithms, pests and diseases. They particularly appreciate the satellite imagery which is very effective to show change over time.”

Smart agriculture

The StoryWine platform acquires data from precision farming devices and data sources using open source software and open data standards. Devices include ground-based sensors recording Soil Moisture; Leaf Wetness; Air Temperature; Air Humidity; Wind speed; Wind direction and Global solar radiation. Satellite imagery shows vegetation index and soil moisture from an aerial view.

A dashboard allows farmers to monitor current and historical data, view information, receive weather alerts and input other key events, these can be visualized together in a field journal. Data are fed into algorithms to provide farmers with accurate recommendations for optimizing vineyard irrigation, preventing grapevine diseases and avoiding pest spread

The story of every grape

A QR code on each bottle links to a fact sheet, produced by the StoryWine software platform, with information on the grape variety and terroir characteristics as well as key events and photos.

Winemakers can therefore share the story of every grape, from the vine to the bottle for consumers who are passionate about every drop.

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