Martel team at the Valencia 5G Week

What a challenge to keep up with the super dense programme of events, networking meetings, interviews and technology demos organized by EuCNC 2019, for the first time co-located with the 7th Global 5G and the CELTIC-NEXT Events in Valencia last week.

As Pearse O’ Donohue, Director of the European Commission’s DG Connect put it, the combination of the EuCNC and the 7th Global 5G Event in Valencia, has offered a great opportunity to showcase not only the work that has been done under the 5G PPP across Europe, but also locally, such as efforts by the Valencia community to support large-scale piloting.

Pearse O Donohue video interview

The intense program of scientific, business and networking sessions was supplemented by a rich exhibition featuring 5G PPP, CELTIC-NEXT and other ICT projects booths, presenting their latest demos and research results, side by side with key 5G industrial players such as Orange and ZTE as well as academic institutions such as the Valencia Polytechnic Institute.

The Martel team had the chance to experience first-hand how 5G will affect both economical activities, social activities and public services:

  • Controlling a robotic arm which instantaneously reproduces the movements of a human arm with extreme precision, through a video camera.
  • Driving an autonomous prototype car remotely controlled with 5G technology in front of Valencia Congress Centre.
  • Participating in the first holographic 5G video conference in Spain, the speaker was a hologram!
  • Participating in the first 5G live broadcasting from the EuCNC exhibition space.
  • Participating in a simulation of a security emergency, leveraging on the 5G network to enable cooperation between a helicopter, a drone, a driverless boat and an ambulance.

A holographic speaker (r) stands next to a real speaker (l)

Martel is in the privileged driver seat of this industrial and technological revolution, through participation in several related H2020 projects, such as: To-Euro-5G, 5G-DRIVE, FLAME, ORCA and QV-Lift

The 5G PPP booth, which the Martel team designed and coordinated, was a central focal point for all the attendees, combining the presence of the 5GIA team and selected innovative 5G PPP SMEs. Martel also supported live Tweeting throughout the 7th Global 5G Event and the ICT19 session organised to present the last batch of 5G PPP projects, which just kicked off.

On the exhibition floor Martel also supported: 5G DRIVE, which was presented at the 7th Global 5G event by Uwe Herzog, the project coordinator, and which attracted several visitors to the booth and ORCA project, which launched the 3rd and last call for Experiment at the event.

Martel also amplified the voice of several brilliant and young professionals who are busy shaping our digital future across industries and specialties: stay tuned, we’ll publish their interviews soon on our YouTube channel.