Agile working in unprecedented circumstances


The Coronavirus dominates news cycles. New cases increase at an alarming rate and the pandemic has led to unprecedented events including national lock-downs, travel bans and a fall in global markets. Containment measures have led to the cancellation of major global events, millions of employees the world over working remotely and school and university students switching to digital learning.


Digital Technologies are now, more than ever, essential to keep people safe, at a distance, but connected

Voice and video calls allow us to stay home and still be productive, continue our work and studies. We feel together at a distance, minimising disruption. Digital for Good is today not just a ‘claim’ but a reality for many of us across Europe. E-Commerce and home deliveries are booming as people are asked to self-isolate. Community platforms are enabling people to coordinate help and support in their own neighbours.


At Martel, remote and agile working and communication is a consolidated work practice, due to our positioning at the forefront of innovation.

Our team is adept at leveraging the conveniences of cloud computing, online collaborative platforms and the switch from laptop to mobile to tablets as needed.

The European-funded projects we are involved in include partners from all over Europe, and sometimes beyond (we have partners in China, Mexico, Mongolia, Israel and more). We are accustomed to manage our work remotely with continuous remote coordination among heterogeneous teams, comprising of universities, industries, SMEs and research centres.

We understand that small organizations may lack the expertise to know which tools will help their employees stay productive and stay in communication with each other. But digital technologies, today, at a time of a global health emergency can really help us both in daily personal and work-alike routines.

Our team is ready to support you!

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