At Martel, we live and breathe innovation, and have done since our inception, 20 years ago. Experience does not mean we are ’resting on our laurels’ – we strive to find new creative solutions to ensure a long-lasting communication impact for information and communications technology (ICT) projects.

A recent Martel media innovation took the form of a triple workshop – with all three sessions run in parallel – with the WeNet team to promote the ‘Internet of us’. Our partners went LIVE on the project’s YouTube channel in three different locations with three separate short-format workshops under the umbrella of the Future Tech Week. The public could attend the workshops in person, at one of the three locations, or from the comfort of their own sofa. That’s not all, now the workshops are available, on the WeNet YouTube channel.

We specialise in Communication and Dissemination of ICT H2020 projects. As partners of several projects, from WeNet (for an inclusive Internet) to QV-Lift (helping to extend the radio frequency spectrum for satellite communications), from Story Wine (for smart agriculture) to REACT (recycling waste acrylic textiles) we lead the communication and dissemination activities so that our research partners can focus on producing excellent scientific and technological outcomes.

When scientists are able to communicate effectively beyond their peers to broader, non-scientific audiences, it builds support for science, promotes understanding of its wider relevance to society, and encourages more informed decision-making at all levels, from government to communities to individuals. It can also make science accessible to audiences that traditionally have been excluded, which in turn can help make science more diverse and inclusive.

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