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Take our winemakers surveyMartel’s newly launched project StoryWine is looking for small regional winemakers to help shape an innovative viticulture solution.

StoryWine is a platform that builds on smart agriculture practices to deliver innovation and added value to vineyards. It will also improve efficiency and quality of wine production through sensor-based data and advanced analytics.

Phase One of the StoryWine project involves surveying European winemakers to discover their main concerns and challenges in key areas of wine production and promotion.

During subsequent project phases, Martel and partner Zenithwings will use our expertise in cutting-edge smart connectivity solutions to build and refine a system that combines precision agriculture with other tools to deliver added-value across all areas of the product lifecycle.

“Nowadays, the market for smart vineyard solutions focuses on optimising crop production and minimising environmental impact aiming to improve wine quality and to reduce production costs,” says Martel’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr Federico Facca. “Despite that, a recent EC study found 77% of winemakers are skeptical about the adoption of “smart” technologies, claiming the investment cannot be justified.

“These considerations, together with discussions with early adopters, led us to the definition of StoryWine, a game changer platform that will deliver a unique ROI. It builds on current IoT solutions (TRL3) by Zenithwings for crop management and tracking that will be extended and adapted to vineyards during the experiment.”


To be part of this exciting new project, take our five-minute survey for winemakers here:

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