EU-China 5G smart transport projects at World IoT, Wuxi

This month Martel was at the prestigious World IoT Exposition 2018 held in Wuxi, China. We helped bring two of our EU-funded smart transport projects – EXCITING and 5G-DRIVE –  to the event’s Smart Intelligent and Internet of Vehicles Industry Development Forum.

Martel facilitated two presentations linked to its EU-China collaborative projects at the Forum. One by Dr Maxime Flament, CTO of 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) and another by Dr Joachim Göthel, Senior Project Manager at BMW Group for the 5G Alliance project, as well as a Board Member of 5GAA. Both

L-R: Dr Joachim Göthel, Kai Zhang, Dr Maxime Flament

presentations were well received.

Dr Flament acknowledged the 5G-DRIVE project, then introduced the 5GAA and its international strategy. Dr Göthel presented BMW’s overall strategy on 5G and V2X, outlining its cooperation with China.

Kai Zhang from Martel coordinated speakers from Europe and helped shape the agenda of the Forum. In addition, Ms Zhang, who serves as 5G-DRIVE’s EU-China Collaboration Manager, acted as facilitator and interpreter for a press conference between Chinese media and Dr Flament.

Wuxi, hailed as China’s first smart city, is a key site for smart transportation in China. Two important launches in this area were presented during the Development Forum. First, Wuxi was announced as China’s first national integrated test site for intelligent transportation, with testing scenarios for automated driving on public roads. Second, the city also officially launched the LTE-V2X city-level application site.

Launching the national integrated test site for automated driving

Martel has an important ongoing role in linking key Chinese communities in the area of smart transportation, IoT, 5G, V2X and automated driving to their European and international counterparts. This in turn, supports 5GAA and its mission. The success of the Forum shows Martel’s continued commitment and effectiveness as an interlocutor between the EU and China in the field of ICT research and innovation.

5G-DRIVE is a European H2020 project focused on collaborating with a twin project in China in the field of eMBB and V2X under the 5G framework, which will jointly launch trials and other collaboration activities. Martel leads the collaboration with China as well as the impact creation activities of the project.

EXCITING aims to support the creation of favourable conditions for cooperation between the European and Chinese research and innovation ecosystems for IoT and 5G. Martel is the Project Coordinator.


On 8 November, EXCITING will be part of the signing of an MoU between China’s Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII) and Europe’s Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI), which will take place at the World Internet Conference in China, Wuzhen Summit.

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