eWINE Workshop, Intelligent wireless connectivity for Future Networks


eWINE Workshop – Intelligent wireless connectivity for Future Networks
11 November 2016, La Sapienza University, Rome

Martel successfully coordinated the organization, communication and promotion of the first eWINE Workshop “Intelligent wireless connectivity for Future Networks”, kindly hosted by La Sapienza University. The workshop was aimed to discuss how experimentation facilities can be utilized for the design of autonomous wireless networks and also presented the eWINE Grand Challenge to the broad audience.

Thirty participants attended the workshop: professors and students from La Sapienza University, along with European SMEs and EC funded projects representatives from Norway, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece.

The workshop was opened by Ingrid Moerman, eWINE Project Coordinator, who introduced Jorge Pereira, from the European Commission.

ewine-ws-nov16-001Prof Maria Gabriella Di Benedetto, keynote speaker of the event, kicked off the event: her presentation “Towards cognitive networking: Automatic Wireless Network Recognition based on MAC Feature Detection” raised the interest of the audience, animated by an intense Q&A session.

Eli De Poorter introduced the eWINE project, the related showcases and intelligence toolbox, which provided the necessary framework to present the eWINE Grand Challenge later in the day.

An intense two hours session was dedicated to the presentation of six EC driven 5G PPP, FIRE, Next Gerenation Internet initiatives:

  • WiSHFUL Project, presented by Spillion Giannoulis (from imec)
  • Futebol Project, presented by Paulo Marques (from IT Aveiro)
  • Triangle Project presented by Almudena Diaz Zayas (University of Malaga)
  • Monroe Project, presented by Ozgu Alay (from Simula)
  • SoftFIRE Project, presented by Susanne Kuhrer (from EIT Digital)
  • FLEX Project, presented by Nikos Makris (from CERTH and University of Thessaly)

All these projects are actively studying the impact and the new technological challenges of the increasing density and diversity of connected wireless devices, together with diverging applications requirements. This calls for intelligent solutions to mitigate spectrum scarcity and optimize network management procedures.

In this dynamic context, the workshop explored how the current R&D efforts are investigating how intelligent techniques can optimize resource usage and allocation in wireless networking that is a core enabler for Future Networks.

Each of them also pointed out the funding opportunities within their projects. More details can be found on the workshop’s presentations published on eWINE website

The workshop entered into the most waited session in the afternoon, when Ingrid Moerman presented the Grand Challenge guidelines, requirements and the resources available for the participants. Furthermore, Eli De Poorter showed how the Node-Red Tool Box can be used by the Grand Challenge participants, showing how the components and metrics can be configured for the experimentation.

Martel took care of the social network communication of the event on real time through eWINE_project twitter account and launched the Grand Challenge web page, which provides a detailed information sheet, the Grand Challenge Submission form along with the online registration process. Participants are invited to submit their proposals by 24th February 2017.

Martel will further support the promotion of the eWINE Grand Challenge initiative though all its channels and the relevant EU tools, starting with the release of the Grand Challenge Promotional Video. Stay tuned!

Dr Monique Calisti, Executive Director Martel Innovate, closed the day moderating an open discussion among the participants “We are delighted to see such a high level of interactivity today and the interest expressed by all of you for the Grand Challenge initiative confirms the strategic approach eWINE embodies. We also want to encourage you to further develop your projects, which are more and more important within the 5G technological developments. The industry and the EC needs you!”


Martel expresses a special thanks to Prof Chiara Petrioli, Full Professor at the CS Department, University of Rome La Sapienza.