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Back from the AIOTI Matchmaking Event

The European Alliance of IoT Innovation (AIOTI) - initiated by the European Commission in 2015 - has the mission to establish a dynamic European IoT ecosystem. It promotes convergence & interoperability of IoT standards and the Digitising European Industry policy. The AIOTI involves and actively recruits key...

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Martel attending the Mobile World Congress 2017

Martel is about to land at the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 27 February - 2 March 2017. Embracing the mobile industry major trends This year the Mobile World...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It does seem like a good occasion to write about my first weeks with Martel Innovate.

Everyone who goes after their dreams deserves, from time to time, a shift in life that leads them a bit closer to what they want in life. Moving to Zurich is definitely one of such “shifts” for me, both personally and professionally.

Thanks to Martel, a dynamic and agile SME focusing on promoting international collaboration projects, I am able to work on things I like to do and do well in, in a city where I’d like to spend a good part of my life.


eWINE Workshop, Intelligent wireless connectivity for Future Networks

eWINE Workshop - Intelligent wireless connectivity for Future Networks 11 November 2016, La Sapienza University, Rome Martel successfully coordinated the organization, communication and promotion of the first eWINE Workshop “Intelligent wireless connectivity for Future Networks”, kindly hosted by La Sapienza University. The workshop was aimed to discuss how...

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My First OpenStack Summit

October comes to an end after a fantastic and unique experience in the beautiful city of Barcelona, namely, my first OpenStack Summit. Before November begins, I want to put down my impressions and observations of this incredible event. Taking part of the summit proved useful not only to better understand OpenStack, but also because next year, as part of the R&D activities related to FIWARE in Martel, we are going to push further the work on FIWARE Lab, a free to use cloud based on OpenStack with about 7000 users.

ICT-2016 Call Results – Avanti tutta e a testa bassa

As all ICT players who submitted proposals last April to the ICT-2016 Call, on the 28th July we received via the Participant Portal official news from the European Commission about our submissions. For Martel this was a magic year: we won 4 projects between January to March. The 28th July outcomes confirmed magic goes on: 6 proposals over 12 accepted in ICT-2016 Call.

Thoughts on Beyond 2020 and Smart Cities

Beyond 2020I am currently flying back from Recife to Europe via Fortaleza (amazing view right now from the window) and trying to collect thoughts after the two days of Beyond 2020 event. Beyond 2020 is an event focusing on the urban innovation processes to ensure that technology supports citizens. The whole event discussed different aspects on how can we can create Smart Cities through Social Innovation.

Martel at EuCnC 2016 – Lessons learned

I am back last night from Athens after 4 intense days of EuCNC, days in which we learnt a lot. I must admit it’s very difficult to capture everything in a few lines or pictures, but here we are. Sharing with you all!

We have been able to learn from our partners in the 5G PPP and in the FIRE domains, from the European Commission, from our fantastic hosts in Athens, from our colleagues in the 5G Infrastructure Association and from all people we had the privilege to work or spend time with.

About Swiss participation to H2020: let’s be clear on how funding works

Yes! Swiss participation to H2020 is ENTIRELY financed by the Swiss authorities. And YES Swiss partners are perfectly entitled to participate in H2020 projects and act as prime coordinators.

As a Swiss based SME involved in EC funded collaborative projects since about 20 years and managing several ongoing ones, Martel, my company, has a consolidated and strong experience in the international R&D&I landscape. Martel has been involved in several FP5, FP6, FP7 and H2020 projects, and we are now working on a number of proposals for open and upcoming 2016 calls.