FLAME: Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation

FLAME aims to develop an integrated software platform that utilizes the advances of compute & storage as well as software-based communication infrastructures, specifying the functional as well as interface-level elements
of such platform and deploying at large-scale experimental infrastructures across Europe. FLAME must develop the necessary extensions to existing solutions in order to accommodate the stringent requirements of the FMI solutions. Specifically, we must investigate areas such as information-centric networking in order to provide servicelevel routing with efficient integration into emerging SDN infrastructure, enabling the provisioning of service endpoints in the range of a few milliseconds. New models of distributing computing must be investigated that exploit edge compute & storage resources to dynamically place, migrate and manage services closer to consumers with the goal of providing the service ‘just one hop away’ in order to fulfil stringent 5G performance requirements such as 5ms service-level delay and service provisioning latencies of a few seconds only.