U4IoT: User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things


U4IoT will support the EC selected Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) of the IoT-1 call. It will enable a citizen-driven process by combining multidisciplinary expertise and complementary mechanisms from the European state-of-the-art. It will also analyse societal, ethical and ecological issues related to the pilots in order to develop recommendations for tackling IoT adoption barriers, including educational needs and skill-building.

U4IoT combines complementary expertise from leading European partners in end-user engagement through crowdsourcing, Living Labs, co-creative workshops and meet-ups to support end-user engagement in the LSPs.

It will:

  • Develop a toolkit for LSP end-user engagement and adoption;
  • Support the mobilisation of end-user engagement;
  • Analyse societal, ethical and ecological issues related to the LSPs with end-user;
  • Support communication, knowledge sharing and dissemination.

It is worth mentioning that Martel is selected as one of the 2 organisations from U4IoT consortium to be involved in the IoT-LSP Cluster Activity Group for Communication, Collaboration, Strategy and Liaisons.