Martel enters the international ICT standardisation scene in close collaboration with ESTI, CEN, CENELEC

Martel is proud to announce the launch of InDiCo-Global, a new Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action (CSA), aimed at improving the understanding and cooperation at a global scale between technical communities and policymakers on topics around digital policies and ICT standards. In this initiative, Martel joins leading European institutions with the ambition to contribute to a human-centred and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies.

InDiCo-Global will be led by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) aiming to reach and engage with relevant initiatives across targeted geographies, such as the Western Balkans, the Eastern Partnership, Southeast Asia, and the African Union. The InDiCo-Global project will be at work to spread awareness of the European Standardization System (ESS) and promote EU policies and standards in digital technologies. The goal is to enhance cooperation, understand policy landscapes in partner countries, and create opportunities for capacity building, aligning with European Union priorities.

As part of the InDiCo-Global consortium, Martel leads the effort to maximise the project’s impacts through strategic and dissemination activities, laying the foundation for effective awareness creation and durable stakeholder engagement. This includes highlighting EU/ICT digital standards for key technologies in Horizon Europe and the EU model for setting global interoperable ICT/digital standards. Special attention will be given to promoting InDiCo-Global Open Calls to encourage broad participation from stakeholders. Third-party projects funded through these calls will further extend InDiCo-Global’s impact by supporting training, and participation in standardisation events, hackathons, and developer events.

“As a key player in the InDiCo-Global initiative, Martel is thrilled to contribute to the advancement of digital policies and ICT standards in a global perspective. Our dedication to fostering a human-centred and ethically driven development of digital technologies perfectly aligns with the project’s core objectives,” said Dr Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel.

InDiCo-Global is set to bring together all three official European Standardization Organizations (ESOs), namely ESTI, CEN, and CENELEC, in addition to Trust-IT and Commpla. This collaboration aims to harness the collective strength of these organisations, combining their diverse models and extensive reach across various standardisation communities. For Martel, this is a great opportunity for playing a more active role in the international ICT standardisation landscape.