Martel Innovate participation at the NGI Forum 2023 on Digital Commons

On 15 November 2023, Dr. Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel Innovate and the President and Founder of the non-profit Digital for Planet will take on the role of moderator in Plenary 1 of the NGI Forum 2023.

The Plenary 1 session titled “Towards Digital Commons: Charting the Course for Europe’s Digital Future” will explore the potential of digital commons, defined as non-rivalrous and non-exclusive resources governed by distributed and communal production. These resources, including free and open-source software, hardware, standards, and data, play a pivotal role in the Internet’s infrastructure and modern digital landscape. The panel will discuss their impact on key aspects such as security, privacy, and the strategic value of digital commons, aligning with the European Declaration on Digital Principles and Rights.

Dr. Monique Calisti’s participation as a moderator underscores her expertise in digital innovation and sustainability. This event is particularly significant to Martel Innovate as Martel plays a key role in coordinating NGI4ALL.E, a Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action (CSA) dedicated to supporting the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. Martel Innovate, in collaboration with other NGI Outreach Office partners including TIPIK, Ideas for Change, and Funding Box, contributes to the growth and scale of the NGI ecosystem towards the development of ethical and trusted technologies.

“In the digital age, ‘Digital Commons’ is not just a concept; it’s Europe’s path to a more open, secure, and human-centric Internet. Join us at NGI Forum 2023 to explore why it’s essential for Europe to champion the commons and shape the digital future together”, says Dr. Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel Innovate and the President and Founder of the non-profit Digital for Planet.

The NGI Forum 2023 serves as a platform for diverse stakeholders, including researchers, innovators, policymakers, and end-users, to engage in discussions that will shape the future of Europe’s digital landscape. Dr. Monique Calisti’s role as a moderator in Plenary 1 adds valuable insights to this critical conversation.

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