Swiss Accelerator 2023: The second call for innovation projects now open

Swiss Accelerator 2023

Martel is excited to share the news of the second call for projects by the Swiss Accelerator for 2023. Launched by Innosuisse, this programme aims to boost innovation within Swiss SMEs and startups that have already made a mark on the market and showcase extraordinary innovation potential.

The accelerator invites Swiss SMEs and startups that have established a market presence and exhibit remarkable innovation potential to apply for direct financial support to further their ground-breaking projects. These products or services must demonstrate the ability for swift and effective implementation and scalability.

Important Dates

  • August 28, 2023 – Opening of the Innolink platform for the submission of short applications. Please note that submissions via email will not be accepted.
  • October 9, 2023, 12:00 CEST – Final deadline for the submission of short applications.

Swiss Accelerator is a transitional measure for Horizon Europe in 2023, a decision made by the Federal Council on May 24, 2023. As Switzerland is classified as a non-associated third country within the European Union’s framework programme, Innosuisse has been commissioned by the Swiss government to implement this transitional measure, backed by financial support from the Confederation.

Under this program, Innosuisse provides funding for up to 70% of project costs, with the remaining 30% covered by the company itself. Each application can receive up to 2.5 million Swiss francs in funding from Innosuisse. The application process for SMEs and start-ups includes three stages.

This is an opportunity for Swiss SMEs and start-ups to propel their innovative projects to new heights. For more information about the requirements and evaluation criteria, visit the Innosuisse website.

Seize the opportunity with Martel

Martel understands the challenges and opportunities presented by such funding initiatives. We have vast experience in assisting companies to successfully navigate complex application procedures and leverage funding opportunities to their maximum benefit. We encourage all eligible SMEs and start-ups to consider this exceptional opportunity to scale their innovative projects to new heights. Take a bold step towards innovation with the Swiss Accelerator 2023! Remember, Martel is here to support your journey, turning innovative visions into thriving realities.