Martel leading the way at the Mobile World Congress 2023

Success for Martel #MWC23

Martel’s attendance at the Mobile World Congress 2023 was a great success! We met several of our partners and customers, established new contacts, discussed future partnerships and projects, and gained valuable insights into the future of the connectivity industry.

MWC 2023 was an important edition, the first full-fledged one after the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 100,000 participants from all over the world. There was a lot of talk about 5G, less about 6G than we expected, and much more about Satellite Communication than we thought. The Metaverse was everywhere, with robots and AI populating the future, and wireless sensing becoming mainstream. Most importantly, there was a focus on the role of green ICT in greening the planet.

This year’s edition opened by putting the emphasis on the importance of openness of networks, grounding a new era of exploration centered on the idea of providing universal access to operator networks for developers. This is part of the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, which is strongly aligned with what has been presented at #MWC2023 as “Earth Computing” fostering collaboration between telcos, big tech, and industry players by converging telco capabilities, computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Web 3.0.

“This is an important confirmation for us at Martel that our work across several commercial and EU-funded projects and initiatives, such as the EUCLoudEdgeIoT, is fully aligned with the way the industry and markets are evolving,” says Dr Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel, upon her return from Barcelona. “Future connectivity networks will indeed be a hybrid of transmission, storage, and computing, and several of our projects and work are injecting into this vision to make it happen.”

At MWC 2023, we assisted the EC delegation in its tour to once again confirm Europe’s strong commitment to leading the connectivity revolution in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. For us, this is directly aligned with the launch and growth of our non-profit organization, Digital for Planet, which is gaining momentum and relevance across several EU projects.

For Martel, MWC 2023 was also a significant opportunity to connect with our research and innovation partners who are active in the European Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) context. With six ongoing SNS projects, Martel is working on next-generation intelligent connectivity to empower citizens and boost market development across several sectors.

We also exhibited four live demonstrations from our DYNASAT project, showcasing how innovative techniques for bandwidth-efficient transmission and efficient spectrum utilization can significantly enhance the performance of satellite network infrastructures.

Overall, this was an important event for Martel, confirming that our strategy, work, and commitment to an open, trustworthy, and sustainable digital transformation of our society and economy are key to building a better future for all.