Season’s Greetings from Martel Innovate. From Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe – our next call to adventure!

Season’s Greetings from Martel Innovate. From Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe – our next call to adventure!

Season’s Greetings to one and all. As we prepare to spend quality time with loved ones, in person or remotely, in these unusual circumstances of a global pandemic, Martel Innovate is looking forward to new opportunities in 2021. We are all aboard for the upcoming seven-year EU-long-term Multi-Financial Framework, getting ready for Horizon Europe, Digital Europe and the Connecting Europe Facilities 2 programmes.

While still busy on 18 of our ongoing Horizon 2020 projects, we are at work on the European Green Deal Call and we are getting ready for Horizon Europe, preparing training sessions and materials for our customers and partners.

Join us on a ‘tour de force’ of our recent achievements as we explore the challenges encountered, the solutions identified and the course ahead.

Horizon 2020, A Retrospective

The EU Horizon 2020 programme was a major call to adventure to shape the future. Back in 2014, Europe was emerging from a financial crisis, with high unemployment and a lack of trust in the European project. Since then, there has been Eurozone economic growth, as well as a stronger Digital Single Market, and a new role for Europe in terms of data protection, through the GDPR.

At Martel, we have supported the implementation and evolution of H2020, empowering a move to more open-source technology and calls for digital transformation. The application of these ideas has led to major research and innovation achievements with great impact in key areas of our daily lives.

Martel’s unrivalled success rate

Martel scored a 30 percent success rate so far, in the face of stiff competition, throughout the H2020 funding cycle. Our dedication, as well as our expertise, prevailed. Martel Innovate brought together brilliant teams of problem solvers to charter the best course ahead through high seas and unchartered oceans, connecting people and communities helping them create synergies!

Beyond H2020 – Up, up and away!

As we reach the brink of Horizon 2020, the sky is the limit! We join forces to boldly face the new challenges presented by an ever-changing world. Martel can help you fund your innovation, embrace new technologies and communicate your achievements. We have more than 20 years’ experience in EC funding, but we had to step-up our game to venture towards the horizon, adding new people, and skills, to our crew.

The journey from 2020 to 2027 is underway, and Martel is ‘all aboard’ for the next challenges, ready to rock the Horizon Europe sky.
Join us, to build the future of sustainable and ethical technological innovation for the benefit of our planet and all humanity

We are getting ready for Horizon Europe.