Martel meets the mobile world at MWC 18!

Mobile World Congress 2018 just wrapped up in Barcelona, and was a great success, running from February 26 to March 1. Over all four days, Martel was there in the thick of it, taking an active role in promoting our projects to Europe and the world. The highlights of our participation at MWC are:

Day 1

The first day of the event was a busy one, with our Executive Director Monique Calisti attending the 4YFN (4 Years From Now) SME and startup networking event to support the NGI initiative at the NGI booth and attending the NGI session. The 4YFN event was a success, with 19,100 attending and many strong connections forged.

Monique also attended the 2018 Ministerial Programme, an exclusive, invitation only section reserved for policy makers, where she attended the discussions surrounding the planned transition to 5G.  


Day 2

The second day saw Monique focused on the Next Generation Internet initiative and Martel’s involvement, serving  as a panelist in the NGI session, Will Privacy Enhancing Business Models Drive the NGI? The discussions were active and productive, raising awareness of the NGI to a higher level. As coordinator of the H2020 HUB4NGI project, Monique closed the NGI session giving a short presentation about how to get involved in the NGI.


Day 3

The day kicked off with Dr Monique Calisti participating to the “5G Testbeds – Research Directions for 5G and Beyond” panel, bringing the experience with the FLAME and RIFE project at the Interdigital booth along with Arturo Azcorra Director of IMDEA Networks and Professor at U. Carlos III, Vice Chair of 5TONIC Testbed in Madrid, John Kaewell, Senior Principal Advisor to CTO at InterDigital, USA and Howard Tsao, Technical Director at ITRI, Taiwan. This was also the opportunity to announce the upcoming FLAME Open Calls that Martel is helping to run.

This was a day of 5G, with the 5G-IA/5G-PPP presentation taking place in the prestigious Congress Square at the Mobile World Capital booth. Martel was present to document and live-tweet as Colin Willcock, 5G-IA Board chairman, introduced the 5G PPP initiative and 5GCAR’s Mikael Fallgren, 5G-MoNArch’s Christoph Schmelz and 5G-XHaul’s Jesús Gutiérrez representatives presented their projects.


Day 4

On Thursday morning, Martel Media supported the live coverage of the participation of Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, 5G-IA Secretary General and 5G PPP Steering Board Chair to the 5G and IoT applications MWC 2018 Ministerial Programme and the presentation of the demo from the 5G PPP ONE5G project, conducted by Panagiotis Demestichas and Dr. Evangelos Kosmatos.


Last, but not least Martel supported the development of the communication materials and the social media coverage of the H2020 ORCA and eWINE projects, jointly which presented the demo “5G Mobile Edge Cloud with Mixed Numerologies for Industrial Control Applications” at the Hewlett Packard booth. The demo was visited by several HPE international guests, including Mr Enrico Bagnasco, TIM Head of Innovation.