Supporting Next Generation Internet FIF



The 5th Horizon 2020 Future Internet Forum (FIF) meeting took place in Luxembourg on  January 29, 2018. The FIF is a registered group for the exchange of views on H2020 topics relating to “Future Networks” (5G, Cloud, Next Generation Internet (NGI) and IoT). The members of this group have been appointed by their respective national authorities of the European Union Member States and Associated Countries.

Meeting biannually, the FIF is the place where Member States and Associated Countries can share knowledge, experience and best practices in the context of the future internet. The 5th FIF meeting concentrated on the NGI topics, including an open dialogue about the longer-term NGI priorities and the best means to reach out and engage new NGI actors.

Martel Innovate, as a member of the HUB4NGI project, participated in the FIF meeting in two roles: 1) a FIF meeting rapporteur, and 2) a central support to all nominated NGI Contact Points in the Member States and in the Associated Countries of the European Union. Martel Project Manager Timo Lahnalampi presented:

  • The web
  • The NGI interactive Map
  • Status of activities @ FIF/NGI Contact Points
  • Findings of the national workshops organised by the NGI Contact Points
  • NGI Consultation platform

This work is an important part of the NGI initiative, launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016, which aims to shape the future internet as an interoperable platform ecosystem that embodies the values that Europe holds dear: openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and protection of data.

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