Martel brings the 5G PPP to video

“5G PPP is recognized as the single most important research and innovation project on 5G around the world”

Mario Campolargo, European Commission, Deputy Director-General for Informatics.

Aiming at showcasing the extensive effort sustained by the European Community and promoting the knowledge base built in the process, the Euro 5G project decided to mark the transition between 5G PPP Phase 1 and 5G PPP Phase 2 with a comprehensive and engaging set of interviews with the community’s key players.

Martel Media’s team worked hard throughout the summer to release 28 video interviews in early September. The creative work, led by Martel’s Multimedia Designer Miguel Alarcón, was completed over a span of nearly six months, starting in the spring of 2017 with the storyboarding and ending in August with the final editing. To achieve these videos, more than seven hours of footage was shot in Oulu, Finland at the EuCNC 2017, where the 5G community gathered in mid June, and features 16 5G PPP Phase 1 projects, 8 SMEs and several industry and European Commission officials.

The interviews include segments from over 30 representatives of the most influential international actors of the 5G ecosystem. From the European Commission side interviewees included Mario Campolargo from the European Commission , Deputy Director-General for Informatics, European Commission; Bernard Barani Acting Head of Unit for DG Connect E1; Jean Pierre Benaime, Secretary-General of the 5G Infrastructure Association,  representatives of the key industrial players, such as Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, Atos, and Samsung; and delegates from Universities and Research Centres: King’s College of London, University of Surrey, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; SMEs: InnoRoute, City Passenger, NextWorks, Montimage, Ardic, Ubiwhere, Visiona and WestAquila.

The EC officials presented an overview of the results achieved by the 5G PPP first phase, and spoke of their expectations towards the second phase, which officially kicked off in Oulu. They also anticipated the 5G PPP Phase three which will be introduced at the Open Days, organized by To-Euro-5G project in cooperation with the EC and local partners, in Autumn 2017.

The Phase 1 5G PPP projects’ leaders presented the results achieved along with their sustainability plan, highlighting the benefits provided to the society and to the business deployment of the 5G.

The SME owners, who were showcasing their solutions at the 5G PPP SMEs booth, presented the benefits provided by the involvement in the 5G PPP SME Working Group and the commercialization outlook of their solutions.