Martel Innovate goes to Mexico

Pioneering a FIWARE-driven Innovation Hub between Europe and Mexico!

Exciting times for the Martel Innovate team at the start of two new EC-funded projects within the Horizon 2020 context that aim at strengthening collaboration between ICT innovators in Europe and in Mexico!

MEXICO road sign

By building up on the expertise, skills and contacts established through direct involvement within the FIWARE initiative over the last 6 years, Martel will play a key role through both the smartSDK and the FIWARE Mexico projects.

smartSDK will provide ready-to-use bundles for the creation of Smart Services, including a set of reusable and cloud-native architecture patterns and a number of ready to use models for the creation of Smart Services based on NGSI v2.

smartSDK will be coordinated by Dr. Federico M. Facca, Head of Martel Lab and member of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee. Federico, thanks to his visionary and in-depth understanding of the FIWARE technologies offering and community dynamics through his active engagement since 2010, will ensure strong leadership for the creation of increased collaboration opportunities between European and Mexican innovators in the Smart Services landscape.

FIWARE Mexico is a Coordination and Support Action dedicated to enhance FIWARE-driven collaboration between Europe and Mexico based on the adoption, deployment and improvement of FIWARE in Mexico as a framework that shall open up new horizons for closer and more effective interactions in the ICT domain.

Within FIWARE Mexico, Dr. Monique Calisti, Executive Director of Martel Innovate and Head of Martel Media, will ensure strong leadership for the creation, growth and sustainability of a collaborative innovation hub connecting Europe and Mexico. Through the expertise gained by guiding community building and communication activities for FIWARE over the last 5 years, Monique’s engagement will be geared at ensuring close synergies and joint EU-Mexico innovation actions to be established and pursued.

Participating to pioneering this new venture between Europe and Mexico is for Martel Innovate a unique opportunity that the whole team is strongly motivated and committed to render a great success. Vámonos!

So stay tuned and if you are interested in this initiative, please, don’t hesitate to contact us at: