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  • digitalforplanet_federicofacca
    How can digital technologies contribute to a sustainable planet?

    There is a huge pressure on ICT to demonstrate sustainability because its adoption is constantly growing along with its carbon footprint. At Martel, we work hand-in-hand with international partners to develop Cloud Computing and Internet of Things solutions for the benefit of our societies...

  • MT_blog
    Are we communicating or making noise?

    As professional business communicators we operate in a continuous stream of words. We spend our days crafting the right arguments to convey our company and its products, partners, and projects....

  • martel-blog-covid
    Please, not another blog on COVID-19

    Martel's Communication and Dissemination Specialist, Dr Verena Wottrich, has a confirmed case of Coronavirus-related news fatigue and offers some hints at where to search for the cure. ...

  • Stay-informed-and-safe
    Technology offers solutions to COVID-19

    Martel’s CIO, Dr Giovanni Rimassa looks at how good understanding of digital technology, combined with social science and humanities into a holistic professional ethos is your best guide and best chance to thrive during this crisis and, more importantly, beyond....

  • Monique
    An entrepreneur in the time of COVID-19

    When the announcement of the lockdown in Switzerland arrived on a Friday late afternoon in March, it was no big surprise really. We saw it coming, especially with many of our relatives, friends and partners in Italy. ...

  • ItaliaChiamo

    Like many Martel colleagues, customers, and partners, I have used many different kinds of online communication software along the past twenty-five years; not only as a professional working internationally on innovation projects in the academic and corporate world, but also as an Italian emigrant with family in three nations....