The largest EU Research and Innovation programme

As the largest EU Research and Innovation programme ever, Horizon 2020 (H2020) offers nearly 80 bn EUR of funding over its seven year scope (2014 to 2020). H2020 aims to take innovative ideas and make them a reality, driving economic growth and creating jobs.

Martel has been working with H2020 since its launch, and has been or is currently a part of 17 of successful bids. We offer a wide range of H2020 services, covering all your needs from before bid to completion. These include:

Bid writing and submission

Experience matters when submitting a bid – and we have plenty of it. We can ensure that your bid is competitive, desirable, and absolutely correct.

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Project management

Focus on your core competencies. Our experienced team can support your project from start to finish, from sourcing technical and human resources to strategic and operational project management.

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Open Calls management and promotion

Open calls are a critical part of H2020 programmes, allowing third party contributors to easily take part in the process. Drawing on our extensive H2020 experience, our experts can:

  • Outline the overall Open Calls process based on the project needs
  • Support the consortium in identifying the details of the calls, the most appropriate deadlines, the budget distribution and the criteria for the evaluation process.
  • Prepare Open Call Information documents.
  • Prepare all needed templates for the proposal, evaluation and report
  • Prepare and execute the promotional campaign, including building a dedicated web presence for submission of the proposals; creation and distribution of promotional materials such as flyers and videos; and advertise the call on the most appropriate channels.
  • Support the consortium in identifying the right experts to contact for the evaluation phase
  • Outline the evaluation process
  • Organise and facilitate consensus calls
  • Identify, contact and announce the winners of the call
  • Write the final report about the outcome of the Open Call
Accounts management

Publically funded bookkeeping can be complex and opaque. However, after more than two decades working with the EC, we know the ins-and-outs very well. Our experts can help you manage your accounting responsibilities.

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Dissemination & Communication

Disseminating and communicating your results is becoming increasingly important to H2020 projects, with expectations and KPIs rising with each review. Our media team can bring years of experience to ensuring you hit your targets, every time. Read about our services here.

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Networking, seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, trainings – each project requires different types of events. Draw upon 20 years of innovation event management expertise to ensure yours is a success.

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Consortium building and management

Sometimes, making innovation happen takes a team. Draw upon our deep network and strong connections across Europe and the world to build the consortium you need to win your bid, and make your idea a reality.

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