Win your bid and join H2020

The Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 of the EU’s Research and Innovation funding programme represents a major investment of €30 billion. Are you ready to make your bid?

At Martel, we’re ready. With more than 20 years of experience and more than 100 successful EC projects under our belts and more than 20 H2020 proposals accepted for funding, we understand the needs and processes of H2020 inside and out.

At proposal preparation time, we can help you maximize your chances of a successful response through practical training programs and practical assistance with preparing and submitting your bid.

H2020 training program

H2020 bid writing and management services

At project run time, our experts are there to advice, assist, and collaborate as your project moves through its execution on several fronts. We can help managing and coordinating your project, running and promoting Open Calls (cascade funding), taking care of professional dissemination and communication tasks, as well as organising and moderating events.

We can help you with:

Consortium building and management

Don’t go it alone

Successful innovation requires collaboration at all levels. After more than two decades in the innovation marketspace, we’ve developed strong relationships with an extensive network of experts, businesses and organizations across Europe and the world.

We will work with you to map your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Then we’ll draw on our large network of potential collaborators to help you find the partners you need to meet your project goals by building an effective network. Our assistance ranges from finding talent to contribute to your project or organizations for funding or technical support, to building a transnational consortium to access funding and bring your innovation to market.

How we can help

  • After more than 20 years, we know the experts personally. We can introduce you directly to the most relevant and interested potential partners amongst research centers, universities, SMEs or corporate organizations in Europe and beyond.
  • We attend all the key H2020 events in Europe: info days, matchmaking events, ICT and Next Generation Internet conferences, policy workshops and Proposers’ Days. Let us use our deep knowledge of the innovation landscape to help you choose the most relevant events for you to pitch your project’s idea and meet qualified potential partners.
  • We are affiliated with many key organizations, and are active and respected members of a vast online community through online fora, ICT mailing lists, and LinkedIn groups – many of which we manage. We can introduce you to this network, and guide you through the process of making your next step.

Project management

Keep your focus sharp

Don’t let the operational details distract from pursuing your goal – focus on your core competencies, and let us support you with ours. Our experienced team can support your innovation project from start to finish, from sourcing technical and human resources to strategic and operational project management.

No matter how we partner, Martel will help you achieve your goals. 

You can focus on what you do best, while our experts assist you with:

  • Project proposal preparation and submission
  • Project coordination, or supporting the Project Coordinator
  • Project quality management
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning
  • Preparation of the data management plan, quality assurance plan, and IPR management report
  • Administration management
  • Communication with the EC including the Financial and Scientific Report, Annual Report, and Project Periodic Report
  • Management of all aspects of the Open Calls process

Open Calls management and promotion

Open calls are a critical part of H2020 programmes, allowing third party contributors to easily take part in the process. Drawing on our extensive H2020 experience, our experts can:

  • Outline the overall Open Calls process based on the project needs
  • Support the consortium in identifying the details of the calls, the most appropriate deadlines, the budget distribution and the criteria for the evaluation process.
  • Prepare Open Call Information documents.
  • Prepare all needed templates for the proposal, evaluation and report
  • Prepare and execute the promotional campaign, including building a dedicated web presence for submission of the proposals; creation and distribution of promotional materials such as flyers and videos; and advertise the call on the most appropriate channels.
  • Support the consortium in identifying the right experts to contact for the evaluation phase
  • Outline the evaluation process
  • Organise and facilitate consensus calls
  • Identify, contact and announce the winners of the call
  • Write the final report about the outcome of the Open Call

Dissemination and communication

Disseminating and communicating your results is becoming increasingly important to EU funded projects, with expectations and KPIs rising with each review. Our media team can bring years of experience to ensuring you hit your targets, every time.

Read about our media and communication services here.

Event management

20 years of innovation event management and planning expertise

Networking, seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, trainings – bringing the right people to the table can often be a critical element. Draw upon 20 years of innovation event management expertise to ensure yours is a success. Whether scientifically, technologically or business oriented, we can you craft the correct agenda and find the right speakers, partners, attendees and sponsors for your event.

Organization and planning

We can organize all aspects of your event, from venue selection to catering and logistics.<


Partner identifications

Not ready to host your own event? No problem.With options ranging from cohosting or colocating to hosting a workshop or seminar within a larger umbrella event, we can help you find the correct partner event to join.


Speaker recruitment

With our deep knowledge of the innovation sector, we can help identify and recruit the correct speakers for your event, and get them on board.


Moderation and animation

Drawing upon our strong technical understanding and deep experience, we bring expert moderation and engaging animation to your events.


Network building and management

With our strong network, we can effectively publicise your event across our channels, increasing your visibility – and your attendance.