KITT4SME is a H2020 Innovation Action that focuses on delivery of ready-to-use customised digital packages available to small businesses (SMEs) to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) opportunities at affordable prices. It will seamlessly fuse AI and human problem-solving expertise into a single digital brain with unprecedented shop floor orchestration capabilities, to build a Competence Development Centre. Its goal is to advance the European workforce in line with digital skills trends and workers’ aspirations. The project will extend the offer of local ecosystems so that players with different competencies can thrive while collaborating in the creation of customisable AI kits. Planned activities also support standardisation in the fields of sovereign data economy and the characterisation of workers’ skills and training experiences.

Martel technical team is delivering key technological elements to support the implementation of the project and the delivery of modular, innovative, and easy-to-adopt software components.

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