ECIAO: EU-China Future Internet Experimental Research (FIRE)

eiciaoThe EU-China-FIRE Project is a 2 years (2013 – 2015) EU-funded project, facilitating coordination and support to EU-China cooperation on Future Internet Experimental Research (FIRE) and IPv6. China is a very large country pursuing its ICT infrastructure development which could lead to pioneer the implementation of Future Internet advanced technologies as well as being a force to promote large scale IPv6 deployment more critically than EU due to lack of IPv4 resources. Since Europe is investing substantially in FIRE and could benefit from exchange and experience from large scale deployment requirements in China, the EU-China FIRE project will explore mutual benefit cooperation activities. In addition to an interactive web portal, two large conferences and workshops will be organised and many public reports will help to increase awareness of benefits of cooperation between EU and China in the area of Future Internet research and experiments.