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Martel empowers innovation

How do we make it happen?

Innovation is one of the most challenging goals for a company to achieve, regardless of the time and money they invest. Why is it so hard to innovate successfully and sustainably? Implementing a successful innovation programme requires more than just a good idea. It takes experience, funding, a great network and a robust strategy.

Martel has 20 years of experience in digital innovation project management and consultation. By drawing on our knowledge and expertise, you can achieve your digital innovation goals. Innovation, we make it happen.


Funding discovery and raising

With more than two decades of experience in the European and international innovation marketspace, Martel has an excellent understanding of the public funding ecosystem. We help you refine your ideas, elaborate on the core concepts, develop your project’s strengths, identify the most suitable funding opportunities for your project, and support you in the funding process from proposal to implementation.

We are highly knowledgeable about European ICT funding (eg: Horizon 2020) and have experience in many other funding programmes as well.

Our areas of expertise:

  • ICT Research & Innovation including 5G, cloud computing software, defined networking, and network function virtualization
  • Internet of Things, smart cities, homes, and transportation
  • Environment & climate action including green energy and green ICT
  • Telecommunications including optical networks, satellite networks and their convergence with terrestrial networks, and network deployment, operation and management
  • Key Enabling Technologies
  • Security, privacy, identity, safety and trust
  • SMEs: incubation, support, and development
  • Big Data
  • Socially-conscious innovation and ICT

Proposal writing

There’s more to getting funding than just submitting a proposal. With so many companies competing for the available resources, you need to ensure that your bid offers more than just a good idea – it needs to fulfil all the correct criteria as well as remaining competitive and desirable. With a long history of successful proposals, we can help you maximise your odds for a win.

Our expert consultants will help you:

  • Build the best consortium for your project
  • Ensure your project has a robust impact and engagement strategy and execution plan
  • Tailor your proposal to best meet the programme’s strategic goals and stated expectations
  • Adhere to the project budget (including how to frame contributions of own-resources from partners to add value)
  • Create and submit the the proposal using our expert knowledge of the process

Partnership Networking

Successful innovation requires collaboration at all levels. After more than two decades in the innovation marketspace, we’ve developed strong relationships with an extensive network of experts, businesses and organizations across Europe and the world.

We will work with you to map your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Then we’ll draw on our large network of potential collaborators to help you find the right partners to meet your project goals

How we can help

  • After more than 20 years, we know the experts personally. We can introduce you directly to the most relevant and interested potential partners in research centres, universities, SMEs or corporate organisations in Europe and beyond.
  • We attend all the key digital innovation events in Europe: info days, matchmaking events, ICT and Next Generation Internet conferences, policy workshops and Proposers’ Days. Therefore we can advise on the right events for your project to attend or pitch at, and those where you’ll meet the best potential partners.
  • We are affiliated with many key organizations, and are active and respected members of a vast online community. We can introduce you to this network and guide you through the process of taking your next step.

Project management

Don’t let the operational details distract from pursuing your goal – focus on your core competencies, and let us support you with ours. Our expert team can support your innovation project from start to finish, from sourcing technical and human resources to strategic and operational project management.

Martel can assist you with:

  • Project proposal preparation and submission
  • Project coordination, or supporting the Project Coordinator
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning
  • Preparation of the data management plan, quality assurance plan, and IPR management report
  • Administration management
  • Communication with the EC including the Financial and Scientific Report, Annual Report, and Project Periodic Report
  • Management of all aspects of the Open Calls process

Accounts management

The rules on how funding can be used and how it should be accounted for are strict, and not always transparent. Failure to comply can result in funding being revoked and fraudulent activity is taken very seriously. After two decades, we know the ins-and-outs very well. Our experts can provide consulting on, and direct management of your accounts responsibilities.

We can assist through:

  • Deep, expert knowledge of the current EC rules regarding eligible costs. The rules change with every Framework Programme, and often require specific EC training. We make sure to stay up-to-date
  • Set up and ensure adherence to the correct accounting framework within the project consortium
  • Make and receive payments and distribute cascade funding, as required
  • Record keeping of money received and spent
  • Ensuring personnel costs and timesheets are compliant and up to date
  • Calculating the correct costs (especially personnel costs) according to the defined standards
  • Ensuring that all categories of costs to be claimed for, such as third parties and sub-contractors, are correctly identified in the Grant Agreement