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Martel Innovation cocktails

Whether you are partial to zesty cocktails or have a taste for fruity mocktails – a refreshing beverage heralds the summer holidays and at Martel we’re serving up an exciting mix of innovation for all tastes!...

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Martel repository on Initiatives to fight against COVID-19

The Coronavirus has galvanised human and technological resources to respond to the emergency and Martel offers an overview of the most innovative initiatives – from funding opportunities to collaborative actions. A repository of actions and opportunities to fight against COVID-19 is compiled and hosted by Martel,...

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Martel’s H2020 Training in Lausanne

This week Martel Innovate held its one-day training course, How To Write A Winning H2020 Proposal, at HES-SO in Lausanne. The course was well attended with 13 students from various disciplines in the classroom. Master Trainer and Martel Innovate CEO Dr Monique Calisti led the course,...

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