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Meet on the edge, Iot Martel innovate


The term ‘Edge Computing’ refers to computing that pushes intelligence, data processing, analytics, and communication capabilities down to where the data originates, that is, at network gateways or directly at endpoints. The aim is to reduce latency, ensure highly efficient networks and operations, as well...

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European cloud computing – the way ahead

Society relies on cloud computing to function and the European Commission has named the cloud a top priority to ensure Europe is fit for the digital age – now more than ever as work is increasingly conducted remotely due to COVID-19. An estimated two billion Euro...

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H-Cloud kick off!

Martel is the coordinator of H-CLOUD, the EC-funded project to support the European Cloud Computing Community. At the kick off meeting in Brussels on 15 January, Martel held an intense and fruitful meeting with the DG Connect Unit E.2 (Cloud & Software) team. At the launch,...

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