Proposal preparation

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At proposal preparation time Martel’s services include:

  • Help identifying the best Call/Topic and potential partners
  • Schedule coordination conf calls and define the proposal’s preparation timeline
  • Offer conf-call facilities, creation of mailing-lists dedicated to proposal’s preparation, protected document repository
  • Prepare templates for the proposal and budget (excel sheet generating charts)
  • Editing several parts of the proposal (to be defined on a case-by-case situation), including its final assembling, upload and submission via the on-line tool data
  • Management of the on-line tool data
  • Budget preparation, finalisation and justification
  • Creation of a logo for the proposal

If the proposal is successful, Martel support services include:

  • Conversion of the proposal PartB into a “Description of Action”, within the EC’s SYGMA on-line tool
  • Helping partners through the process of electronically signing the on-line forms associated with the Grant Agreement, Declaration of Honour, Accession, etc.
  • Resolving any Ethical Issues raised by the evaluators
  • Providing – and getting signatures on – a Consortium Agreement

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.