Martel has reached the Web Awards final with the EASIER website

The EASIER website, developed by Martel Media, has reached the final in the .eu Web Awards competition. The website has been nominated within the Laurels category established for educational institutions, charitable organisations, and ongoing pan-European projects.

Martel Web Awards final with EASIER

Martel has reached the Web Awards final with EASIER. EASIER is an H2020 project launched as a response to the ICT-57-2020 topic “an empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet.” The project aims to create a framework for barrier-free communication among deaf and hearing citizens across the EU and provide a platform supporting sign language content creation.

As a leader of communication and dissemination efforts within EASIER, Martel strives to facilitate more inclusive communication and ensure that no one is left behind in the Digital Era. Our team developed and manages a fully responsive multi-language website characterised by light design and high contrast.

Martel CEO, Dr Monique Calisti said: “We are proud that Martel has reached the .eu Web Awards final with EASIER, which aims for a more inclusive access to the Internet for all.”

EASIER website reaches the final of Web Awards

To further enhance user experience and increase website accessibility, we integrated a dedicated accessibility plug-in and a keyboard navigation bar. The EASIER website is available in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Dutch and features multi-language press releases in the form of sign language videos and a signing avatar, Paula.

About the .eu Web Awards

The .eu Web Awards is an annual online competition launched in 2014 by the European Registry for Internet Domains (EURid) to acknowledge the top .eu websites in various categories. Martel has reached the .eu Web Awards final so is in the running for the top slot. The competition represents a great opportunity for the .eu domain name holders to showcase their websites. Every year, websites can be nominated for a chance to win an award, which is officially presented at the annual Web Awards ceremony. Once the nomination/voting period ends, three websites per category are shortlisted based on the number of votes they receive. The three finalists from each category are then introduced on the EURid and the .eu web awards websites and evaluated by a jury. Finalists with the highest scores from the jury are selected as winners.

About EURid

EURid is the non-profit organisation designated by the European Commission to register web names operating the .eu level domain. Over the years, they have received nominations from over 1200 beautiful and innovative websites that represent the .eu identity in its best light, excellent content, and high-security standards.

The 2021 edition finalists

In 2021, the nomination and voting period ran from April 15 to August 5, while the finalists were revealed on August 16. Martel has reached the .eu Web Awards final with EASIER. This year’s edition of the .eu Web Awards saw more than 160 unique website nominations and over 13,000 votes from across Europe. The announcement of winners will be made during the Awards ceremony on October 14, 2021, at Teatro Antico in Taormina, Italy.

The three finalists per category are:

  • The Leaders (established businesses):;;
  • The Rising Stars (start-ups/entrepreneurs):;;
  • The Laurels (educational institutions/charitable organizations/ongoing pan-European projects):;;
  • The House of .eu (news/media/entertainment/blog):;;
  • The Better World (an environmental/green project):;;
  • The Best of .ею and .ευ (a company/organization using the .ею or .ευ extension): солети.ею; новините.ею; книги.ею

The prize

Martel has reached the .eu Web Awards final with EASIER. Six winners of the 2021 edition of the .eu Web Awards will receive the following:

  • A two-month billboard advertisement campaign at the Brussels Airport.
  • A personalised .eu, .ею or .ευ Web Awards trophy.
  • A custom-made promotional video produced by the EURid.
  • Digital .eu, .ею or .ευ Web Awards icon for the winners’ websites and social media accounts.

Fingers crossed and a big thank you to all the people who voted for the EASIER website to make it to the final!

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